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Compiled into 4 packs of approximately 150 patterns each, VisualWRAP Pattern Packs are a collection of VisualWRAP scripts giving you access to the largest range of decorative wrap designs available, anywhere.

Since 2002, VisualWRAP has been the software of choice for custom rod builders looking to design, view, edit & share decorative wrap patterns. Now, with the release of VisualWRAP Pattern Packs, the software just got better. Once installed onto your system, Pattern Packs let you choose from over 600 patterns that can be easily wrapped thread-by-thread on your screen using the VisualWRAP software. Change colors quickly, view in 3D, show your customers or satisfy yourself that the pattern you've selected is right for your blank. The formula is simple: VisualWRAP + Pattern Packs = the ultimate decorative wrap combination.

The Pattern Packs each come with a full-color, illustrated PDF index which can be printed or viewed on your computer, so you can easily browse for a pattern of interest then quickly locate it in your VisualWRAP library.

Technical Requirements

In order to use the Pattern Packs you need to have the VisualWRAP software installed on your system.

Over 600 Patterns Included!

Pattern Pack 1 consists of 145 patterns: 3D Stars, Fish, Pinwheels, Stars (including 4 point, 8 point, 40 point, Flashy, Snowflake and Spaced)

Pattern Pack 2 consists of 156 patterns:åÊ Birds, Shapes, Spiders (including Basic, Barbed, Double-Jointed, SnowflakeåÊ & Combos)

Pattern Pack 3 consists of 141 patterns:åÊ Circles,åÊ Crosses (including Iron & Maltese),åÊ IN IN, IN OUT, OUT IN, OUT OUT & Rose

Pattern Pack 4 consists of 168 patterns:åÊ Geometrics (including Chevrons, Diamonds, Mazes & Scales), Sparklers & St John’s Crosses

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