Fully Custom
Branded OEM Rods
  • Fully customizable from butt to tip

  • Domestic and overseas options
  • Minimum orders of 50-100 per rod
Small Batch
Private Label Rods
  • Custom branded with your logo

  • Great value with fantastic retail margins
  • Minimum orders of 12
With OEM rods, the possibilities are limitless
A black and green MHX bait casting rod. Make your design ideas a reality with Mud Hole's OEM and private label fishing rod manufacturing services!
How It Works:


Getting in touch with the Mud Hole Wholesale Team is simple! Set up an initial meeting and discuss primary designs for your brand moving forward.


Don't have an initial mockup? No problem. Our team will work with you and your brand to come up with a custom rod design that suits your needs and budget.


At this stage, you will be able to confirm your final design with a fabricated prototype. With your approval, our domestic or overseas manufacturing partners will begin production.


Now it's time for the easy part. Upon receiving your rods from our factories, they will be shipped to your company, anywhere in the world.
Need help designing a rod?
Use our years of rod building experience.
Stuart Crawford, B2B sales manager for Mud Hole.
Minimum order quantities:
Domestic production:
50 Rods
Overseas production:
100 Rods
Let's talk fully custom OEM rods:
Need a smaller quantity?
Check out our
Small batch
private label rods
Minimum order of 12
Any combination of 7 models
MB8437'0"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.MHF5.50.592.45Jig & Pig, Pitchin', Spinner Bait, Worming$61.00 to $71.00
SJ8427'0"16-12 lb.1/8 - 1/2 oz.MLF5.00.5191.83Drop Shot, Spin & Jig, Walleye$61.25 to $71.25
SJ8437'0"18-15 lb.3/16 - 5/8 oz.MF5.00.5442.3Crankbait, Drop Shot, Spin & Jig$64.75 to $74.75
MB7836'6"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.MHF5.50.5392Jig & Pig, Spinner Bait, Worming$65.00 to $75.00
MB8737'3"110-17 lb.1/4 - 3/4 oz.MHF5.50.592.65Jig & Pig, Pitchin', Spinner Bait, Worming$68.50 to $78.50
L8437'0"110-17 lb.1/4 - 1 1/8 oz.MMF6.00.5352.2Inshore, Light Saltwater$57.00 to $67.00
MB8747'3"112-20 lb.5/16 - 1 oz.HF6.00.6012.7Bass, Frogging$71.75 to $81.75
SJ7826'6"16-12 lb.1/8 - 3/8 oz.MLF5.50.4581.7Drop Shot, Spin & Jig, Walleye$54.75 to $64.75
S8427'0"14-8 lb.1/16 - 5/16 oz.LF5.00.411.3Trout & Stream, Walleye$48.25 to $58.25
S7816'6"12-6 lb.1/32 - 3/16 oz.ULF4.50.2950.9Crappie & Panfish, Trout & Stream$39.50 to $49.50
CB9057'6"110-20 lb.3/8 - 1 oz.MHMF5.00.5742.2Crankbait, Swimbait & Umbrella$84.00 to $94.00
FP8857'4"112-30 lb.3/8 - 1 1/2 oz.HMF6.50.5653Bass, Flipping & Pitching$82.00 to $92.00
DS8226'10"16-14 lb.1/4 - 3/8 oz.MLXF4.50.5431.9Drop Shot, Finesse$74.50 to $84.50
CB8457'0"110-20 lb.3/8 - 1 oz.MHMF5.50.5371.9Crankbait, Swimbait & Umbrella$71.00 to $81.00
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