Finishing Tools

Finishing Tools

The right finishing tools help make stunning finished products. For example, using an alcohol burner instead of a lighter will result in a clearer finish, probe and spatula sets create a wider array of marbling patterns than a toothpick, and syringes make sure you have exact parts of epoxy to mix. So look around and see what finishing tools may be right for you.


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CRB Syringes with Sealing Caps KitCRB Syringes with Sealing Caps Kit
1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)
Self-Sealing Bottle Cap Syringe Insert - Sold Individually
Disposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 PackDisposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 Pack
Thread Burnishing ToolThread Burnishing Tool
CRB Tip Support ToolCRB Tip Support Tool
Thread Tool Combo Package
Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)
Epoxy Paddle Stir Stick, 25-PackEpoxy Paddle Stir Stick, 25-Pack
CRB Blank Extension ToolCRB Blank Extension Tool
Rod Builder's Thread Clippers
CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1
CRB Thread Inlay BobbinCRB Thread Inlay Bobbin
Flex Coat Mixing Sticks (100 Pack)
Sold out
CRB Hanging Rod LevelCRB Hanging Rod Level
2.5 oz. Mixing Cups (125 pk.)
CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool SetCRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set
Flex Coat Bone Burnishing Thread Tool
Stainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMXStainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMX
Alcohol Torch Bottle
Alcohol Torch Bottle Sale price$13.95 USD
ClearanceSave 75%
CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1
CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1 Sale price$2.99 USD Regular price$11.95 USD
Extra Large Thread Bobbin
Rod Builder's Thread Pick
CRB Epoxy Bottle Warmer