Cutting Tools

Cutting Tools

Choosing the right cutting tool for the job at hand will make the process go faster with a better end result. Dull razor/saw blades make rough cuts and do not result in clean lines that really show off your work - not to mention sharper tools cut easier and are generally safer to use. So browse around and stock up on some cutting tool replacements!


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Rod Builder's Thread Clippers
Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 100
Single Edge Razor Blades - Box of 10
Cork Jig Saw with 12 Blades
Cork Jig Saw Frame
Cork Jig Saw Frame Sale price$17.45 USD
Sawblades for Cork Jig Saw
CRB Professional Spring Scissors
CRB Professional Spring Scissors Sale priceFrom $8.95 USD
CRB 5-Piece Professional Thread Tool KitCRB 5-Piece Professional Thread Tool Kit
CRB Precision Utility KnifeCRB Precision Utility Knife
Replacement Blades for CRB Utility Knife
Cork Ring Slicing Jigs  - IndividualCork Ring Slicing Jigs  - Individual
Sold out
Cork Ring Slicing Jig & 12-Piece Checkerboard Jig KitCork Ring Slicing Jig & 12-Piece Checkerboard Jig Kit
4-Piece Cork Jig Set MHCJ-SET
CRB PRO Inletting ToolCRB PRO Inletting Tool