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Visual Wrap Software - Digital Download Voucher Card

Product Details

VisualWRAP is a unique software package for rod builders that enables you to design and visualise decorative cross wraps for rods before you begin to decorate your rod.

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What is VisualWRAP?

VisualWRAP is cross wrap design software for custom fishing rod builders. It lets you design, view, edit and share cross wrap patterns.

Here is a screenshot of the software showing how a particular pattern will look in 3D on a rod:

image showing a 3D representation of an American Flag Wrap generated in VisualWRAP software

You can use VisualWRAP as a pattern viewer, showing you how existing patterns are formed, thread-by-thread, on the screen. Once you see how patterns develop it makes it easier to understand the sequence in which to lay down threads on your rod. If you are keen can also try editing existing patterns, or coming up with your own using VisualWRAP's in-built scripting language and script builder.

How will VisualWRAP help me with cross wraps?

VisualWRAP is all about cross wraps. A well executed cross wrap can really set your rod apart. It can also be a source of personal satisfaction, knowing that you have done the best work possible, aided with the right tools. Here is a list of ways Vizwrap will help you with your cross wraps:

  1. Spacing calculator:åÊKnowing where to position layout threads is critical to achieving wraps that close properly. Tell the software how many pattern repeats and the size of you blanks and it will calculate where to place your layout threads
  2. Print true-to-size:åÊYou can print your patterns true-to-size to quickly see how your pattern will look on your rod. This feature can also be used to pictorially show where layout threads should be placed.
  3. Change colours quickly:åÊHow will that pattern look in red? or blue? or any other colour chosen from your spool palette? It only takes a few mouse clicks to find out!
  4. See patterns develop thread-by-thread:åÊThere is no better way to demonstrate how cross wrap patterns form than seeing them wrap using VisualWRAP. You can wrap patterns on the screen quickly, slowed down, or by pausing after each thread is laid.
  5. Wrapping Instructions:åÊIf your pattern has multiple sections then the Wrapping Instructions feature will automatically prepare a set of instructions that you can print and follow.
  6. Create patterns:åÊIf you want to experiment with your own patterns then there is no better way than using Vizwrap. The in-built scripting language and pattern builder give you the ability to build and test pattern scripts and i stantly see how each pattern will look.
  7. View in 3D:åÊWonder what that pattern will look like on a rod? Use the in-built 3D viewer, or print true-to-size and wrap the printout around your blank to find out!
  8. Pattern Library:åÊSeeking inspiration? The standard Vizwrap pattern library contains over 100 patterns that you can use, edit, or gain inspiration from.

Customer Reviews

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Kenny Correll (Orlando, FL, US)

Old but good

K.C. (Orlando, FL, US)


Kenny Correll (Orlando, FL, US)

Took me a little bit to understand but it helps alot

Kenneth Stabler (Philadelphia, PA, US)
If I could give it more stars I would

This is an absolute must for anyone getting into decorative wraps

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