U-40 Dura Gloss LS Supreme

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LS Supreme is the final product in the evolvement of the LS series of rod finishes. It amounts to the cutting edge, the advanced state of the art of rod finishes. The LS series improved, as the technology behind its development, evolved to the present state of the art.

LS Supreme is a medium viscosity system, completely self leveling on the most complex of wraps. It is totally bubble free without the use of heat. It is resistant to Ultra Violet deterioration, and is non-yellowing in the most severe sunlight conditions.

LS Supreme has a very long working life, in excess of 30 minutes and up to 45 minutes in some conditions, yet it will cure tack free in 4 to 6 hours at normal room temperatures. It will penetrate and completely wet out 2 layers of thread.

LS Supreme cures with great clarity. It stays remarkably clear indefinitely. It will never become brittle and will remain flexible forever. It is truly the epitome of rod finishes.

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