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Mud Hole Mandrel Wax Parting Agent is a release compound produced from a combination of hydrocarbon and microcrystalline waxes. It is particularly recommended as a primer coat to create a smooth, compatible mandrel surface prior to turning handles.

NOTE: With Mandrel Wax, 5-Minute epoxy may be used to secure cork or EVA materials while turning.

Preparation of Mandrel Surface

Mandrel surface should be thoroughly clean and free of other parting agents, especially those containing silicone, prior to application of Mandrel Wax.

Application of Mandrel Wax

New Mandrels: Using a clean dry rag, apply a thin even coat of Mandrel Wax to mandrel surface. Excess should be wiped away, also using a clean dry rag.

Begin buffing immediately (approximately one minute after application), preferably using a power lathe or power wrapper, using a terry cloth or lamb's wool pad. Keep buffing constantly so as not to allow a build-up of friction that could burn through the wax coating. Surface should be buffed to a glossy finish.

In order to insure complete coverage of mandrel surface, repeat entire process 3 to 4 times for initial usage of Mandrel. Alternate rubbing motions during application of each coat (i.e., up-down on one coat, left-right on another, circular on another).

Wait approximately one hour after application of final wax coat before turning grips on your mandrel. Apply one coat of Mud Hole Mandrel Wax following every use thereafter until mandrel is broken in.

Conditioned Mandrels: Using the same process described for new mandrels, apply one coat of Mud Hole Mandrel Wax to the mandrel's surface and buff. Re-wax the mandrel as necessary.

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