SCRSD Deluxe Graphite Casting Reel Seat

American Tackle Co.SKU: SCRSD-16B

Color: Black
Size: Size 16
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These new Deluxe Graphite Reel Seats in both spinning and casting are the best available on the market. Our extra sturdy construction guarantees durability to last a lifetime. Compare the finish, size and strength of our collar, cushion, hood and barrel, then compare the price. The quality of our fit and finish is comparable to anything you've used in the past.

Spinning Reel Seats feature cushioned, self-aligning S.S. hoods which eliminate corrosion between reel and reel seat hood. This feature should be utilized particularly around saltwater for added corrosion resistance. Deluxe Graphite Spinning Reel Seats feature stainless cushioned hoods in stainless, black, gold, tichrome, blue and holographic. These are the highest quality reel seats available.


Model I.D. O.D. Length
SCRSD-16 0.610" 1 1/16" 4 1/4"
SCRSD-17 0.690" 1 1/16" 4 1/2"
SCRSD-18 0.730" 1 1/8" 5 1/4"
Color Black
Inside Diameter 0.610"
Material Graphite

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