RBS PRO G2 Ultimate Power Wrapping & Finishing Machine

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Color: Black
Voltage: 110v (North America)
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Color Black
Material Aluminum

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CA Proposition 65      Warning

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm - www.P65Warnings.ca.gov

5 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C. (Park Ridge, IL, US)
Almost there

The wrapping/drying motor is pretty impressive and I absolutely love the roller guide stands. However Mudhole really missed the mark on the pedal. The initial product release came with a pedal that couldn't reach the end of a setup and didn't allow the user to gradually spin up the motor. This was fixed with a replacement pedal that Mudhole very kindly shipped later for free. However the replacement pedal has two really annoying flaws. First, the cable comes out of the right side of the pedal so it naturally wants to pull away from you. Second, the pedal has no grip material on the bottom so it slides around on the ground when you try to use it. If MH gets the pedal right, this will be an exceptional setup, but it's just too integral to the whole process for me to ignore.

Steven Drozd (Mt. Pleasant, SC, US)
First power wrapper

Got the G2 for Christmas. Been hand wrapping till this point. The wheeled stanchion are great, smooth. I tried to use the G2 for my last rod and was intimated. I went back to hand wrapping. I had time today and decided to practice with the G2. The foot pedal that came with the unit was flimsy and the cord was short. Mudhole stated they would send out a cord extension to fix the problem. After about 30 minutes I was getting the hang of the G2. I checked the mail and found not only did Mudhole send out a longer cord but also a beefy metal foot pedal. I used it and wrapped 3 guides in no time. Thanks Mudhole for standing by your product.

Wayne sanders (Miami, FL, US)
Follow up

This is a follow up to my original review. The thread carriage issue was operator error on my part. After more hands on, the carriage was found to be perfectly fine and is actually very suitable with the system. I spoke with Rob at Mudhole today. I advised him of my other issues. Rob, said they are aware of the short pedal cord and have already made arrangements to ship out extensions to anyone who already purchased the G2 system. I wanted to add also that I believe this system will be incredible for turning grips. All in all it is starting to grow on me and I do not regret making the purchase. I also wanted to thank the Mudhole staff, always top notch and very accommodating.

Wayne sanders (Miami, FL, US)
Not impressed, actually disappointed.

I purchased the G2 ultimate wrapper/finishing machine pre-order. I thought because of all the hype, I was upgrading from my Flexcoat Power wrapper. 1st issue. The thread carriage, once inserted in to the track does not stay in place or supported. The roller bearing wheels are smaller in diameter than the actual width of the track that is supposed to hold it in place. This issue alone renders it inoperable. I also had to remove a thread eye bolt to allow it to even pass through the track, because the nut on the bottom, would not pass through track entrance.#2 There is no continuous run switch for the motor, it only operates via foot pedal. I prefer continuous run for applying thread finish. #3 The entire track is 8'3" which is perfect, however the foot pedal cord is 5'1" in barely reaches half the length of the workable track once on the floor. Perfect if your building a rod not much longer than 5ft. #4 One of the selling points of this unit is that it has indexing chuck on the head. After handling it, I have found that it has a 360 degree wheel etched in to the face of the head chuck. It free spins and does not index "lock" in to any particular position. For me that would be 0 and 180 degrees. It can only be used as a rough reference. So in my opinion, good luck using it for spiral wraps. Overall the stands, track and actual motor seem well built and durable. As the previous review said, the foot pedal is not as as responsive as I would like. Mudhole has great customer service and I have 100% confidence they will advise me on what to do with these issues.

Lance (Santa Maria, CA, US)
Great wrapper BUT ?

Impressed with wrapper. But the foot pedal seems cheap. Doesn't always work when pressed. I have to push it a few times to get it to go. Waiting for a response from Mudhole

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