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Take your custom rods to the next level with our marbling kits!

This expanded starter kit includes all the supplies you'll need to marble your rods plus even more color options and some key tools to make the most out of them. Whether you marble your butt wrap, guide wraps, or go all-out and create custom marbled reels - it's up to you! With CRB marbling pigments the only limit is your creativity!

Includes generous amounts of ProKote epoxy finish (8 oz.) with syringes, (12) of our most popular marbling pigments, (10) mixing cups & sticks, (5) mixing palettes and a thread probe tool set.

What's Included

  • (12) Pearl Metallic powder marbling pigments (3g each)
  • (8 oz.) ProKote epoxy finish
  • (1) 3cc. syringe set
  • (10) mixing cups
  • (10) mixing sticks
  • (4) thread probe tools
  • (5) pigment mixing palettes

Pearl Metallic Marbling Pigments by CRB

About CRB Marbling Pigments

CRB's pearl metallic marbling pigments are a great way to spice up your wraps! Offered in dozens of sparkling colors, the pigments easily mix into your favorite rod finish and can be combined & swirled together for some truly exceptional art.

  • Non-toxic powder
  • Mix with your favorite rod finish
  • Can be mixed with other marbling pigments for additional effects

ProKote Medium Build Thread Finish

About ProKote Rod Building Thread Finish

Experienced rod builders know what they want in a rod finish: extended working time, easy leveling, good bubble release, thread saturation, ultimate clarity and protection from UV yellowing. ProKote answers these needs while providing the industry's first medium build epoxy. The difference is clear.

  • Medium build offers the ideal balance between curing/working time
  • Crystal clear wraps
  • Rated the #1 rod building finish

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