MicroWave 12-6 Stripper Guide

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These new MW12, MW18, and MW20 sets are the most advanced “Ultramodern” line control systems of all time. They incorporate award winning MicroWave Line Control Technology with Snagless frame designs and new dimensions to provide the ultimate in fishing rod line management improving both angler and rod performance.


  • Snagless spinning & casting frame designs
  • Award winning line control technology
  • Strong 316SS frames available w/Nanolite and Duralite rings
  • Light weight but strong construction
  • Available in Chrome, TiON Titanium or Black Diamond finishes
  • Offered with Duralite or Nanolite rings

MW12 Specifications

Black Chrome TiON Height A Height B Height C Weight Ring ID Foot 1 Foot 2 Total Length
NBMW-12/6 NCMW-12/6 NOIMW-12/6 8.65mm 12.75mm 18.15mm 1.5 gm 9.85mm 6.40mm 7.15mm 31.50mm

Measurement Key:

Height A:  Bottom of the foot to bottom of the ring ID

Height B:  Bottom of the foot to top of ring ID

Height C:  Total guide height

How to measure MicroWave guide heights
Color Polished
Ring Material Nanolite

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