Guide Locating Chart for Concept & Micro Guides


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This guide has been designed to aid you in proper placement of Micro and Concept® guides. It utilizes angle to the tangent of the blank curve to achieve this.

Unlike other guide placement tools this will take into consideration the action of your blank to properly place guides in the range that your blank flexes the most and requires more support.

While this tool was designed for placement of Micros and Concept-style guides it distributes the guides on virtually any blank to achieve higher performance and greater protection.


  • Spacing for Micro and Concept® style guides:
    • Blue lines are used for placement of Micro guides
    • Red lines are used for placement of Concept® guides
  • Includes several handy rod building utilities, including:
    • Micro guide resource charts for Fuji & American Tackle
    • 72" ruler
    • linear conversion chart
    • 1/64" to decimal inch to mm conversion chart
    • weight conversion chart
    • Tip-Top sizing charts
    • Guide-ring sizing charts
    • Volume conversion chart
    • Common mathematical conversion formulas
    • Temperature conversions
    • and more!
  • Usage instructions with color photographs included
  • Included drawstring to pull the blank's tip towards the butt until the tip of the blank is at a 90 degree angle to the butt

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