Flexcoat Iridescent Finish System

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Iridescent Finish System

The iridescent flash of a fish in the sunlight is familiar to all people who fish, and to all aquatic and marine predators. This effect is caused by the iridocyte crystal cells in the dermal layer of fish skin. These cells refract light from the sun, which is then transmitted through the translucent scales. This characteristic coloration is finally available to lure makers and epoxy fly tiers. The Iridescent Finish System suspends precision cut glitter crystals in a clear, high strength finish to produce a distinctive prismatic effect similar to the flash of a baitfish.

Kit Contents

  • 1 tube of multi-color iridescent glitter
  • Flex Coat rod finish (2-oz. or 4-oz.)
  • 2 color coded syringes
  • 5 finishing brushes
  • 5 mixing cups
  • 5 mixing sticks


  1. Mix Flex Coat Finish following the usual mixing directions until the mix has turned clear (No more marbled streaks). NOTE: Do not add glitter until finish is totally mixed.
  2. There are a couple of methods that can be used to apply glitter to your lures or flies, each with their own advantages:
    • Method 1 - Pour the clear epoxy mixture out onto a flat foil covered surface and add a small amount of glitter. Gently blend, stir, the glitter into the epoxy mixture. You do not want to introduce bubbles into the epoxy mix while blending in the glitter. Continue adding and blending glitter until you achieve the desired iridescent flash. With a brush, apply the glitter and epoxy mixture to the lure or fly, rotate to cure and you are done. The advantage of this method is that it is a one step process.
    • Method 2 - Brush a thin coat of mixed epoxy finish without glitter on the surface of the lure or fly to be coated. Let lure or fly rotate for one hour to allow the finish to thicken. Note: This will allow the glitter to remain in it's place rather than migrating around the lure. Next, sprinkle glitter anywhere flash is desired. Immediately apply a second coat of epoxy finish over the glittered coat. Be sure to brush finish in one direction. Rotate to cure. The advantage of this method is that you can use different colors of glitter in different areas of the lure or fly to achieve an even more life like effect.
  3. Rotate the lure or fly for 3 to 4 hours. Allow finish to cure for 8 hours for a flexible, durable and beautiful iridescent FLEX COAT finish.

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