CRB Wire Snake Guides


Color: Black
Size: 2/0
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PVD coated stainless steel frames with a high rounded arch design to quickly shoot line and easily pass backing knots.

Available in either light wire or standard options, light wire snakes are great for lighter freshwater fly fishing, such as trout and panfish — whereas the standard snakes are perfect all around guides for a 2 wt. up to a 12 wt. Plus, these snake guides include pre-ground guide feet for easy wrapping, and your choice of frame finish: black or polished.

Features & Benefits:
  • Standard gauge wire
  • PVD coated stainless steel
  • High rounded arch design
  • Great all-around guides for 2-12 wt. fly rods
  • Pre-ground feet
  • Available in Black or Polished frame

CRB Fly Guides

Engineered for lasting performance, this line of guides includes snakes, single foots, and fly tops – all constructed with stainless steel frames and the toughest PVD coating for superior performance and protection. The process behind PVD coating not only makes guides corrosion resistant, it also reduces friction to produce higher line speeds, eliminate wear on fly lines, and preserve each frame's polished finish.

Guide Dimensions

Size No.  Horiz ID Height (H) Length (L1) Length (L2)
2/0 4.7 mm 6.7 mm 19 mm 5.7 mm
1/0 5 mm 7 mm 20.2 mm 5.9 mm
1 5.7 mm 7.4 mm 21 mm 6.2 mm
2 5.7 mm 8.9 mm 21.7 mm 6.6 mm
3 6.3 mm 10 mm 22.3 mm 6.8 mm
4 7.4 mm 12.1 mm 28.5 mm 7.2 mm
5 7.6 mm 12.2 mm 28.8 mm 7.8 mm
6 8.2 mm 12.8 mm 30.3 mm 8.0 mm
Application Fly Fishing
Color Black
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Material Wire

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