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LZR Spinning Guides are designed with ultra-thin zirconium inserts and reverse pressed stainless steel frames to be incredibly lightweight, yet maximize durability.

The LZR line of spinning guides marks CRB’s lightest and most innovative guide system yet. The advanced engineering of the ultra-thin, super light zirconium insert provides a high-density, polished ring that is then pressed into the stainless steel frames.

Featuring a larger and smoother opening, the zirconia insert rings bring increased durability for braid as well as enhanced heat dissipation that reduces wear on fishing line and increases casting distance and accuracy. These LZR spinning guides also introduce a reverse pressed stainless steel frame that locks in the backside of the insert ring where fishing line first enters, and works to maximize ring retention and overall durability.

From reducing line tangles and overall weight, to increasing casting distance, strength, and ring retention, the CRB LZR spinning guides combine superior performance and unbeatable value for rod builders everywhere.

  • CRB LZR Stainless Steel Spinning Guides

  • Pressed Ultra-Thin, Super Light Zirconium Rings

  • Increased Durability and Strength — with Less Material and Weight

  • Arrowed Guide Foot for Maximum Holding and Guide Security

  • Ring Sizes: 6 through 30

  • Available in 3 Premium Frame Finishes: Black, Polished, or Gunsmoke

LZR guide rings are up to 50% thinner than those of competitors guides while providing increased strength and hardness

Ultra-Thin LZR ring is 50% thinner

Fish with confidence - all CRB guides come with a lifetime limited warranty

Includes CRB's Lifetime Limited Warranty

LZR Guides - offered in 3 premium frame finishes - Black, Polished and Gunsmoke

Premium Stainless Steel Frame Finishes

CRB LZR Ultra Thin Spinning Rod Guides - Choose your favorite color and build your new favorite fishing rod!

CRB LZR Guides - Technology

CRB introduces the LZR line of rod guides as its lightest and most advanced design yet in a family of high-performance rod components. Engineered with ultra-thin, super light zirconia rings, the LZR guides incorporate a high-density, polished insert ring that is 50% thinner than standard ceramic rings with an inner diameter up to 10% larger than comparable guides.

This guide technology allows the LZR series to be incredibly light, yet durable enough for the toughest braid—while also featuring enhanced heat dissipation that reduces wear on fishing line and increases casting distance as well as accuracy.

The LZR Guides are available in single-foot spinning, double-foot casting, medium-duty spinning/casting, running guides, and even tip tops; light and medium-duty.

Ultra-Thin Ring
Pressed Ultra-Thin, Super Light Zirconium Rings

Superior Performance
Increased Durability and Strength—with Less Material and Weight

Secure Foot
Arrowed Guide Foot for Maximum Holding and Guide Security

Sized for Your Needs
Ring Sizes: 6 through 30

3 Premium Finishes
Available in Black, Polished, or Gunsmoke

Lifetime Limited Warranty
Performance, guaranteed

Model YR - Guide Specifications

Ring Size MM Guide Height MM
6 13.93
8 17.03
10 19.15
12 27.70
16 33.90
20 41.66
25 49.30
30 56.24

Guide Spacing for Spinning Rods

LZR Spinning rod guide spacing

Spinning Rod Guide Spacing
All measurements start at the tip

Application Spinning
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Material LZR

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