AFTCO SXHD Super Extra Heavy Duty Roller Tops

AftcoSKU: SXHD522B

Color: Black
Size: 22/64"
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AFTCO's new Super "Extra" Heavy Duty roller guides and tip-tops are not only built for super strength, but most importantly, they offer unequalled .410-inch "knot clearance" - the greatest of any roller guides on the market - to accommodate the bulkiest leader rigs for tackling the biggest game fish. For matching strength against strength, massive guide frames are machined from 6061-T6 billet aluminum and fashioned in the distinctive "AFTCO shape".

The SXHD's are designed to handle the heaviest lines, and like all AFTCO roller guides and tip-tops, are equipped with extra large, extra tough rollers and bearings. The SXHD ball bearing models - the finest guides for any line class ever made - feature space-age "ceramic" ball bearings, meeting the highest standards in quality and corrosion resistance. Special Delrin insulators and stainless steel logo plates eliminate corrosion between rollers and frames. Oversize contoured feet are designed to grip rods with exceptional strength, and edges are "feathered" to allow winding thread to "climb" over the feet easily.

For both SXHD regular and ball bearing guides, a complete set of five includes the double-roller stripper guide and two each of the single roller guides, graduated in size. SXHD regular guides are available in a variety of hard anodized color combinations, while the ball bearing models are available in just three colors (chrome, black and gold), and their replacement assemblies in gold only. SXHD roller tip-tops, machined from harder 7075-T7 billet aluminum (to resist wear), are anodized with a double-thick hard coat, but only in black.


SXHD Roller Tip-Tops

Description ID Of Tube Part Number
#522 SXHD Tip-Top 22/64" SXHD522
#524 SXHD Tip-Top 24/64" SXHD524
#526 SXHD Tip-Top 26/64" SXHD526
#528 SXHD Tip-Top 28/64" SXHD528
#530 SXHD Tip-Top 30/64" SXHD530
#532 SXHD Tip-Top 32/64" SXHD532
#534 SXHD Tip-Top 34/64" SXHD534
#536 SXHD Tip-Top 36/64" SXHD536
Material Aluminum

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