2-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage for RBS

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The RBS 2-Spool Thread Carriage mounts directly to the RBS aluminum base track and features an all-new ball bearing and spring system that eliminates friction for the ultimate control of your thread wraps. Dual oversize tension knobs secure both small and medium thread spools and allow for precision tension tuning to get your wraps just right. The smooth-rolling base also includes multiple thread guide layouts for better positioning during tricky wraps, and two convenient neodymium magnets to secure razor blades, thread picks, and more. The RBS-TC2 can even be used to upgrade existing power wrappers from Pacific Bay and American Tackle!

  • Keep 2 spools at the ready - alternating colors between underwraps and overwraps has never been easier
  • Compatible with small & medium sized spools from ProWrap, Pac Bay, Fuji and more
  • Extra-smooth ball-bearing system eliminates friction
  • Multiple thread guide paths allow you to optimize thread position during tricky wraps
  • Seamless integration with the RBS wrapping system
  • Also compatible with Pacific Bay & American Tackle power wrappers

Key Features & Benefits

Purpose-built for the RBS system's aluminum base. Just slide it on the rail and go!
Designed for the RBS Track

Quick & easy integration with the rails on RBS aluminum base

Ball Bearing system ensures smooth, effortless thread spooling!
Ball Bearing System

Enhanced bearings eliminate friction to achieve pure, unimpeded thread tension

Two helpful magnets help organize your tools & wrangle stray components!
Two Helpful Magnets

Secure tools like razor blades, thread picks, & more

Precision knobs offer easy tension adjustments and thread changes!
Precision Knobs

Large tension knob for quick adjustments & thread changes

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