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Cork Jig: 12-Slice Checkerboard Jig
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The CRB cork ring cutting jigs (MHCJ) are all that you will need to create the ultimate in custom cork and EVA Handles. With these four jigs you will be able to slice cork or EVA into discs of 1/8" or smaller and cut rings into checker board wedges 1/4, 1/6, 1/12 of the diameter of the ring. Cork rings are sold separately.

Slicing Jig

The Cork Slicer is designed to handle standard 1 1/4" cork, burl and colored rings. The slicer is designed to cut 1/8" slices out of the rings. In using different types of shim materials you can use it to cut the slices as thin as 1/32". These discs make beautiful accents when added to cork of a contrasting color.

Checkerboard Jigs

The Checkerboard Cutter is made with 12 or 16 vertical slices which allow you to cut your cork, burl or colored ring into a variety of pie shapes which can be assembled into many different designs.

Diamond Wedge Jig

With this all new cork jig you can remove a triangle shaped piece from the surface of your cork ring and replace it with another piece cut from a different color ring and then assemble into diamond shapes. This will create a very unique handle. Along with the angle cutter it has 3 equally spaced cuts so that you can inter-mix different sections to create some handles that will really show off your custom rod.

Download Inlay Instructions (1.6MB PDF)
Material Aluminum

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