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The OmniArbor® (Patent Pending) is a new product designed to easily and effectively mount reel seats to rod blanks. Its goof proof features, and low price results in superior reel seat mounting, saving builders time and money.


  • Custom Sized to fit reel seats.
  • Self Centering
  • Glue Dam
  • Thermoplastic Resin


  • Faster Assembly
  • Water Proof
  • Ease of Use
  • Adjusts to Multiple Sized Blanks
OmniArbor Features


  • The four models of OmniArbor® are sized to match the I.D. of the 16, 17, 18 and 20mm reel seats.
  • OmniArbor automatically adjusts to a wide variation of blank butt diameters.
  • The time to install an OmniArbor® is signi cantly less than boring and installing foam arbors or building up a tape mount.
  • The FINS inside the OmniArbor® progressively fold down against the inner wall during installation.
  • Simply slide the OmniArbor® on to the correct location on the blank creating a centered mount for the reel seat.
  • Unlike masking tape, TPR (Thermal Plastic Resin) will not break down when wet or damp.
  • The dam blocks the epoxy from leaking or dripping down the blank when the blank is placed upright in a drying rack.
OmniArbor Features

OmniArbor Cross Section

OmniArbor Cross-Section


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NO. OD Height Weight Min Blank OD
at Reel Seat
Max Blank OD
at Reel Seat
Recommended Number
Per Reel Seat
16 15 12.1 1.30g 6.75 12.1 2
17 16.8 11.9 1.60g 6.75 13 2
18 17.5 12.2 1.75g 6.75 14.7 3
20 18.5 12.1 1.92g 6.75 15.6 3
Color Black

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