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Double Your Fishing Experience: A Revolution in Rod Building Is Here!

Mud Hole SpinCastr Reel Seat

Loading up for a day on the water, but you’re not sure which of your trusted rods to bring? Are you planning to throw topwater with your baitcaster for spotted bass in the morning but want a spinning rod to skip docks for largemouth in the afternoon? Or maybe you want to do a little traveling and fish spinning tackle for marsh redfish and then hit the lake in search of a double digit largemouth with your casting gear. Want to pack light and just can’t decide which rod to bring? Well Mud Hole has exactly what you’re looking for in your next custom fishing rod build.Introducing the groundbreaking new SpinCastr Reel Seat from Mud Hole Custom Tackle.  After years of meticulous research and development, this engineering marvel allows you to create the ultimate spinning and casting rod on one rod blank!  Get twice the action, twice the hook sets, twice the feel, and most importantly, twice the fish! 

2X Engineering

The innovative design of the SpinCastr Reel Seat leverages a proprietary parabolic hybrid polycarbide resin system that balances the stress tension of two reels on one reel seat, providing 360° of pure angling power. The abs composite omnidirectional seat hood is strong enough to secure two reels, even during the heaviest of loads*, while adding less than .45 oz. to the overall reel seat weight. It’s truly the definition of “less is more”.

Mud Hole SpinCastr Reel Seat

In addition, the computer-generated ergonomic design offers the most comfortable feel in your palm (whether lefty, righty, or ambidextrous) making hours of time on the water fly by with minimal fatigue. Plus, with the opportunity to fish twice at the same time, 8 hours on the water is more like 16!

* load testing in laboratory setting simulating combined weight of one (1) twelve pound largemouth bass (micropterus salmoides) and one (1) three pound bluegill (lepromos macrochirus) on the MHX NEPS78MLF rod blank with CRB SSR Casting Guides and CRB LZR Medium-Duty Spinning Guides.

Simplifying Custom Rod Building

For baitcasting anglers, top selling traditional graphite spinning reel seats, like the CRB Color Series Spinning Seat just don’t provide the desired casting rod experience.  And for the weekend water warrior using lightweight lines on their trusted spinning reel, popular casting seats like the CRB Premium Graphite Casting Reel Seat simply don’t work for their custom rod.  The cutting-edge Mud Hole SpinCastr Reel Seat takes away all the complexity and confusion around whether to use a casting reel seat or a spinning reel seat with a casting rod, or a spinning reel seat or a casting reel seat with baitcaster rod. Plus, never again will you experience the anxiety and worry about which side of the rod blank to secure your guides – now you just put them on both! The SpinCastr Reel Seat from Mud Hole is truly revolutionary. It’s rod building simplified!Mud Hole SpinCastr Reel Seat

The Leader in Rod Building Innovation

Once again, Mud Hole leads the industry, bringing the latest technology and products to custom rod builders across the globe. With a Research & Development Team comprised of avid anglers and rod building engineers, we continue to bring the best rod building products and services to the best customers in the world! Mud Hole SpinCastr Reel Seat

Old Fashioned Rod Builder? 

Not interested in the newest, multifunctional reel seat technology? Mud Hole carries the largest selection of top selling, traditional spinning and casting reel seats from leading brands, including American Tackle Company, CRB, Fuji, and Pacific Bay.Shop Reel Seats

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