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Mud Hole Custom Tackle’s SpinCastr™ Reel Seat is now the benchmark to which all other reel seats will be measured. We've leveraged a proprietary parabolic hybrid polycarbide resin system that balances the stress tension of two reels on one reel seat, providing 360° of pure angling power. The abs composite omnidirectional seat hood is strong enough to secure two reels, even during the most demanding fights! In addition, the computer-generated, ergonomic design offers the most comfortable feel in your palm. Each reel seat is meticulously hand polished to allow anglers to fish hours with minimal fatigue. Plus, with two reels mounted on one rod, you can cover twice the amount of water in half the time.

SpinCastr™ Features:

  • Parabolic Hybrid Polycarbide Resin System (PHPR)
  • Total Reel Control
  • Frequency Amplifying Receptive Technology (FART)
  • Light weight, strong, increased vibration transmission
  • Optimum Fatigue Reduction System (OFRS)
  • Hand polished ergonomic design
  • Composite Omnidirectional Seat Hood (COSH)

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