Tre-Fin Rod Blanks: A Deeper Dive

Tre-Fin Rods provides proven designs evolved from our necessity to fish with rods able to hold up to the rigors of day boat commercial fishing while keeping the fun in it. After thousands of fish and years of development, we now offer what we think are the best offshore rods made here in the USA. All designs have been battle proven on the F/V Opportunaty (as seen on Netflix's 'Battlefish') and serve as the backbone of Tre-Fin's day boat commercial fishing operation.


As a dedicated offshore fisherman, it wasn’t lost on me years ago that the industry had overlooked our needs. As I set out to better equip my tournament boats with rods, I found that manufacturers just didn’t see that the market was big enough here in the Pacific Northwest to pursue a purposefully built rod to meet our demands. I initially joined with them to product innovate which proved unsuccessful. This led me to take it on myself. It has been difficult but something I felt was worth doing; proving that a USA built rod could be brought to market and compete with offshore products that overwhelmingly have become the norm; and do it while supporting our communities and have a better product in the end.

What was available in the market fell into two categories: a 2 x 4 action that had no fitness or a light gimmicky stick that had a bunch of action but once hooked up, left you with nothing to lift the fish. To me, this produced a lower quality fish and fatigued the fisherman.

So, I joined with a like-minded company, Patriot Factory, who believed they could do better and had the industry knowledge to do it. Together we specifically designed 6 different blanks that accomplished what was needed: A blank that had strength in the back of it to lift after hook up, but combined this strength with a progressive action that balanced the rod without sacrificing sensitivity.

Next was to field test these designs and prove them on the water. Luckily enough we own a commercial day boat fishing operation that enabled us to literally put thousands of fish on these rods and see their strengths and weaknesses. After years of improvements we can confidently bring the rods to you with the proven performance that no other manufacturer can offer.

It's one thing to design a rod, but a much greater challenge to reliably bring it to market. After no less than 4 different attempts, we now have a 'closed-loop' supply chain here in the Pacific Northwest. I am proud to say that with the relentless support of those who believed in Tre-Fin, we can reliably offer a product directly from Woodland, WA shipped anywhere in the USA via an e-commerce platform at a competitive price. Innovation brought by necessity!