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great quality

I purchased several of these rods. And have never found any flaws or imperfections. Great quality!

Weight of this blank is not accurate

This blank seems decent for the price. I have not built it up yet. My only complaint so far is the measured weight is not as advertised at 1.41 oz. Mine was 1.62 oz. That's more than the advertised weight of the next power level up.

Weight of this blank is not accurate

This blank seems decent for the price. I have not built it up yet. My only complaint so far is the measured weight is not as advertised at 1.41 oz. Mine was 1.62 oz. That's more than the advertised weight of the next power level up.

CRB Tip Support Tool
B.D. (Bloomer, WI, US)
too loose

Bought this awhile back and finally got around to trying it. It does not snap onto my CRB stand like the others ones do. It is very loose.

MHX 7'0" Med-Heavy Mag Taper Rod Blank - MB843
Donald Sexton (Haverhill, MA, US)
The first rod I ever built.

Not only was this the first one I ever built a mini surf rod style, it caught me countless striped bass over 40” and one 51” handed huge fish with a 5k sustain beautifully. But was also fun for smaller ones on surface feeds early season. So far the most versatile inshore/freshwater rod I’ve ever owned. Ps this caught a 5’ long short nose sturgeon and more late bass before it snapped on a cast 3 days later.


Awesome blank. Light weight and incredible sensitivity

very stiff

I use this blank lots. In my case, it's great because I use it for general smallie fishing paired with a 1000 size reel. If yall arent using this for bass, it's WAY too stiff. Like, super super stiff. I have used a bunch of other crb blanks with no problems. I think it's just the 2 piece series.

CRB 9’0” 3wt Color Series Fly Rod Blanks
Mike hetzler (Auburn Hills, MI, US)
First full build start to finish.

I used this black set to make a nymphing and bigger river set up. The rod is a tad bit faster then i like but is accurate. I used the line guides and grip from the site as well. All worked out great. After many mistakes and redo i wound up repainting the blank white

CRB Guide Alignment & Reel Seat Spacer Tool
Gary Graham (George West, TX, US)
seat spacer and guide alignment tool

I like this nlittle addition to my rod work bench. Much easier to line up reel seat and guides. I used to put a reel in seat after placing the seat to get a good line up for the guides. This is much better. I have suggested one improvement, waiting to see if Mud Hole does it. 4 stars for now.

CRB Tip Support Tool
Gary Graham (George West, TX, US)
tip support tool

I recently purchased one of these little gizmos, and have found it to be very useful. It really makes irt easy to apply proper thread tension while working on the far end of the rod. Your rod bench should not be without one! 5 stars from me.

X-CAMO Cork Grips
Holcomb's Guide Service (Puyallup, WA, US)

These X-CAMO GRIPS are Awesome when matched up with the X-CAMO Blanks, and X-CAMO reel seat. I wrapped my spinning guides with olive green color fast thread. These grips are built on the CAMO84M rod blank. These rods are for casting spinners for Coho salmon. They fish so well that i ordered 5 more. Thumbs Up !!

MHX 7'0" Med-Heavy Casting Rod Kit MB843
Anonymous (Johns Island, SC, US)
Great Deal

I really like the blank and components. I built the rod and I would compare it to a high end 300 dollar premade rod if you got the equivalent from a store

CRB Silicone Snap in Winding Check
SEAN HAUBER (Middletown, MD, US)
They Look Good

I've used these in mutiple builds and they look good!

They Look Good

I've used these in mutiple builds and they look good!

Dimpled Aluminum Winding Checks DAWC - Colors
SEAN HAUBER (Middletown, MD, US)
They Look Good!

I've used these in mutiple builds and they look good.

MHX HD Rod Rack
B.L. (Spanaway, WA, US)

Shouldn’t have given five star, this was not my intention.
I am not happy with rod holder. Will not buy a gay.

Grape color

Looks amazing with gold trim

ProKöte High-Build Rod Building Thread Finish
Frank Lancaster (Godley, TX, US)
Pro coat high build

I love pro coat high build.
Only need 1 coat and it's self leveling. Also the bubbles are very small and easily removed.
And gotta love it when they ask you if you want a drawing on the box.
I asked for a striper and they nailed it!!

ProWrap Colorfast D

ProWrap Colorfast is the best thread on the market. Works flawless and keeps its color without color preserver. Would just like to see a redo on the color swatch posted as the color Clay is really burnt orange. By the pic I posted, still a beautiful color, but I was really expecting something more orange.

Great option for ice fishing rods

I use both the CRB YXG and VXG on ice rods. The YXG are much taller than the VXG and it is great to have both height options to tailor your guide set to your specific desires. (see attached picture for reference)

For ice fishing, both the YXG and VXG rings are nice and thin which helps reduce ice buildup. The guide feet come prepped pretty well, although I always do some extra filing on the guide foot to get even more of a gradual slope for the thread to climb up on.

I couldn't be happier with the quality, selection, price, and appearance of both the YXG and VXG guides and I use them on every ice rod I build.

MHX HD Rod Rack
B.L. (Spanaway, WA, US)
Not has good as I hoped.

I had this rack for about a month. It is high quality material. I have an issue with the rods staying upright, they fall over very easily. I was going to buy another one but not now, I am glad I only got one. I would not buy this if I had known the problem.

CRB Micro Guide Bands
Nick Graham (Bristol, CT, US)
Absolute lifesaver

These micro bands are an absolute lifesaver using smaller guides that have tiny feet
Beats trying to use tiny amounts of tape or glue before wrapping
Sometimes a second one nearing the tip is helpful to get it to sit flush

ProWrap ColorFast Rod Winding Thread - Size D (1 oz)
Don Toedtemeier (Lincoln City, OR, US)
ColorFast D for Me

I build mostly salmon rods but absolutely love this thread. Started using size D for cross wraps and now it’s all I use. Love this product.

Brass Ferrules (Chrome Plated)
mike hetzler (Detroit, MI, US)
Worked like a charm

A bit long for my rod. I trimmed it with a drummel and the ends fit perfect.

Basic Rod Building 101 All-In-One Virtual Workshop
Garrick Sobeski (Butler, PA, US)
Absolutely awesome!

So if you’re thinking you can’t get the in-person learning experience remotely, you’d be incorrect. The instructors give you so much individual attention, it’s easy to follow along with them on Zoom, and they stay with you until you’ve got it nailed down, even if that means the class runs outside the scheduled hours. Cindy and Curt did a great job, I learned an awful lot in the 3 sessions we had. Now can we talk about value? The rod kit is very nice, and the equipment/supplies that come with the class are worth the entry fee on their own. Best couple hundred bucks I’ve spent in quite some time. I’ll be taking more classes like this for sure.