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Initial Review Of Size 16 ERGO Reel Seat

I just received this reel seat for use on a lightweight spinning rod once the CRB blank becomes available. It is basically just a round graphite tube with no taper and no internal steps or ridges that would need to be reamed out for a proper fit. It is 6" long, and weighs one ounce. The I. D. is 16 mm, and the O.D. is 17.5 mm. The reel-foot opening on the smooth end is fairly small, so some reels will not fit. The hood and locking nut fit well on the barrel, with only minimal movement.

I put an old Daiwa 13 reel on the seat, then tried in both downlocking and uplocking positions. There were several problems in the downlocking position, and none in the uplocking position, so it appears that this seat was designed to be used as an uplocker. With three fingers in from of the reel and two behind it, the thumb and index finger of my average-size hand rested comfortably on the smooth part of the barrel. My pinky finger sat naturally in the groove of the metal hood, The heel of my hand rested comfortably on the locking nut, which is smoother than the nuts found on most other seats. It appears that loosening of the nut during use will not be a problem. A rear grip of any size should fit well against the threaded end of the seat without interfering with fishing or seat operation (unless you have really big hands, in which case you might want a larger size of this seat or maybe another seat altogether).

I had concerns about the large metal hood getting hot in the sunshine, but a Mudhole guy said that this should not be a problem with either hood color due to their ability to rapidly lose heat. As an uplocker, the hood would be covered while fishing.

Four stars until the rod is built and I can get in some actual fishing time, but I suspect that it will end up with five stars eventually. Definitely worth a look if you are in the market for something a bit different than standard or palm-swell seats.

HCC Hand Crafted Carbon Reel Seats
Mike M. (Oviedo, FL, US)

I used it to make a rod that didn't win the photo contest... but I like it


Grips have a nice feel and are light but don't seem to be very durable.
I used alcohol to clean up the glue that pushed out from the seem and it resolved the pattern on the grip where it touched.
Also I taped the edge to keep it tight until it dried and when a pulled the tape off it pulled some of the pattern off

Bubbles bubbles everywhere

Do not like this thread finish at all. Mixes so hot that it forms bubbles immediately. You're lucky if you've got 10 minutes working time with it. Does not roll on the dryer self leveling is terrible. Switched to threadmaster much happier so far.

Best so far

Wish I'd known about this stuff on my first rod builds , could have just mixed any color with the epoxy and finish the guide wraps and hide any mess up that clear coats would have shown. Plus you can just use different colors of pigment to make the wraps any color you want instead of using different color thread. However the thread color can make a difference in the final finish depending on how dark you mix the color. If I was to use a Brite pigment, it would be best to use a bright thread unless you want the overall color to be a dark shade then use a darker thread.

Best so far

Works as advertised, and easier to work with than the epoxies I've used in the past. Doesn't set up as quickly as other brands so that gives me time to correct some mistakes if needed and be able to finish the wraps on a fly rod from start to finish on a single batch.

Great Quality Fast shipping

I ordered the 904 to build my first flipping rod. The blank seems high quality and light weight and has the backbone seem like. I paired it up with cork split grip and Fuji exposed reel seat. I can't wait to get it on the water to teat it out. Thanks Mudhole!

Luv to fish

These poles are Sensitive but very tough And light enough to fish all day absolutely love them

SpinCastr™ Reel Seat
Chris Catignani
Great inovation...

I was one of those guys who had a spinning reel on top of a baitcasting rod and would reel counterclockwise. My friends would tease me and call me "Ackwards-Bass". Eventually I got the right rod and things were all good again. But since I have the SpinCastr reel seat I have now gone back to spinning reel on top.... and one on the bottom. I have to admit I got some pretty strange looks at the lake. But once I pulled out 5 stripe bass in one cast using a dual Alabama rigs....eyebrows were poppin. It take a little gettin use to, reeling left handed clockwise and right handed counterclockwise....but if you can tap on you head and rub your belly at the same time....your "In Like Flint".

awsome for the price

great creek or small river rod, awsome value for the price

not centered

Ordered five, two were not centered, one had large bubble deformation.

Great Lower Half

I have been buying these OEM blanks for the lower half of a 2 piece rod that I build. Then I use a MHX 2-6# fresh water spinning rod for the upper portion. The finished rod has a nice bend to it and gives me about 10ft length for the light tackle fishing that I do. I can also use a MHX 4-8# spinning rod blank for the upper for a medium tackle setup.

SpinCastr™ Reel Seat
Ron Don Volante
Mind blowing

I set the hook on one fish, and in doing so, I accidentally casted into a pond behind me and caught a fish there too.

Great starter kit for the money.

Great kit,I love that it has everything you need to get started. I have built several more rods and really enjoy building rods..


Great live bait and jigging blank for walleye. Extremely sensitive tip and it has great hook setting authority, but as with most extra fast blanks you'll lose more fish using a blank like this. Nonetheless, it's a great rod for jerk baits such as megabass 110's and 110+1's, single hook swim baits such as a keitech 3.3 or 3.8 on a 1/4 oz-1/2 oz jig head, jigging raps, blade baits, top water, spinner baits, and tipping 3/16 oz - 3/8 oz jig heads with live bait. Be mindful of what weight you use with this rod, although it states it can go up to 11/16 oz, for me it feels like you don't really wanna go above 1/2 oz as it overpowers the rod a little bit.

Not as Advertised

I paired this blank up with a saltist mq 2500, it is a very light blank and pairs nicely. I would not say that it is 15-30lb, it is definitely 10-20. and it honestly is more of a 2-3 ounce or 50-100 grams.
The blank is much lighter than the specs say but it holds up nice under tension and has an incredible flex.


This reel seat is tied for being the most comfortable I've ever gotten to hold and use. It's not designed to be used with a foregrip (buyer beware) which isn't stated on here but it is stated on AT's website. I have it on two of the rods that I use more than anything else and they have been nothing but perfect. They fit perfectly in your hand while casting and fighting fish, and most importantly they don't make your hands cramp up after fishing all day (recently found that out after fishing 14 hours straight for walleye in southwest missouri/arkansas). I wouldn't recommend them for ned rods or any minimalist rod. They're perfect for jerkbait rods, crankin rods, worming rods, live bait rods, but they shine when it comes to jigging, whether it be a 1/32 oz marabou jig on an ultralight, big spoons for deep bass on table rock, or anything in between (especially jigging for walleye).

Excellent Guides

After Fuji began discontinuing many of the guides that I use to use on my builds, I thought I would give these a try. Even before I built my own rods, I wouldn't own a rod that didn't have Fuji guides. After about a year or so of hard use and some abuse, I can honestly say these are my favorites now. They're light, strong and dependable. I almost exclusively build rods for big swimbaits and these have held up and perform excellent. As of now, I have zero insert breakage, no guides that are bent or damaged or any guides that show any signs of wear other than maybe a few spots where the coating has rubbed off of the frame and I can think of more than one occasion that the guide(s) should have been damaged or broken due to my own fault. I'm not rough with my gear but all of my gear is used like tools because that's exactly what they are. I think I have four rods wrapped with these guides now and I have zero concern moving forward with them. I definitely recommend wrapping your next custom build these guides! You won't regret it!

Great product

does what its supposed to

good product

its good but if you don't use the levels it doesn't work as well it does have a little play so you have to manually make sure its aligned with the reel seat

not 40

Ordered size 40 guide. Measures 36 and staff explained that some manufacturers a 40 is actually a 40 but this product size 40 measures 36!

not 22

Ordered size 22 reel seat, found out that with the insect inside it is not a 22 but a 20. Didn't explain to get a 22 in that model need to order I guess a 24. Doesn't make any sense1


Cindy does a great job of covering not only the basics of rod building but advanced techniques as well.
Her product knowledge coupled with teaching ability gave me the fundamentals to build a great rod.
This is one class you will be thankful for.


love these little things no more headache trying to tape or glue the rod to the blank,
if you could make a short video on how to use them would be good for people to try out
I learned on my own. And saves you time on getting your guides aligned

First class

Buzz and Mike both have the product knowledge and most importantly the ability and desire to share their knowledge. Their patience and ability to communicate fundamentals helped considerably. Will be watching for this pair to team up again and will be first in line if you offer the ice rod class referred to. Thank you Mud Hole.