MHX Crankbait & Swimbait Rod Blanks

MHX Crankbait & Swimbait Rod Blanks

What makes this lineup of Crankbait & Swimbait rod blanks perform so well on the water is their meticulous construction. Developed as a blend of 2 Toray Graphite Fibers (12K and 6K) in a combination of standard and intermediate modulus yielding a 38 million modulus with 683 ksi and a Hardened Resin System, these MHX blanks incorporate innovative designs and softer tip flex actions to marry well with the largest arsenal of crankbaits & swimbaits running at various depths.

These multi modulus, blended graphite models are at least 40% lighter than fiberglass blanks, while providing extreme sensitivity. If you like long casts, increased hook-ups, and putting more fish in the boat, these rod blanks are for you!


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MHX Swimbait Rod BlanksMHX Swimbait Rod Blanks
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MHX S-Glass Rod BlanksMHX S-Glass Rod Blanks
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