The Best MHX Rod Recipes for Surf Fishing

The Best MHX Rod Recipes for Surf Fishing


Do you enjoy chasing snook, redfish, pompano, barracuda and more… from the beach? Let us show you the two best MXH Surf blanks that will have you casting a country mile and reeling in the big ones.

Mud Hole Live: Spooky Surf Builds – 10/27 6:30 PM EST from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

For those that enjoy our Mud Hole Live show, check out this episode that features all the best tips and tricks for you surf rod junkies.

 Featured Demos:
– Installing a Weighted Fighting Butt
– Tips for Cork Tape Handles
– How to Install Winn Overwrap
– Guide Selection & Spacing for Surf Rods

Build the Best Surf Rod with Mud Hole

There is no doubt surf fishing offers some of the best views on the water, but if you want more than just a nice landscape photo, we are here to help.  Each angler may argue over a favorite bait, cold drink or what lunch to bring but they can all agree that having the right rod is key.  For instance, if you can’t properly load your rod with the necessary weight needed to throw beyond the breakers, the chances of loading your cooler with a day’s catch are slim to none.

Distance isn’t the only attribute needed for a surf rod. Your rod must be sensitive and responsive enough to alert you to the action or you will be reeling in bare hooks.  This is why we need to dial in the proper length, action and power and setup the build accordingly, to give you the edge out in the surf.

Here are two surf rod recipes that we recommend to start:

A 9’ Surf Rod Built for Long Casts & Big Snook

We built this custom surf rod on the #SU1087F-MHX Surf Blank for its top tier performance fishing in the surf and its versatility to win the battle against big snook around the jetties and bridges.

The SU1087F is a 9-foot, fast action Surf Blank from MHX Rods that is rated for 1 – 4 oz with a medium power. This length and action helps load up and bomb casts into the horizon, while the 1 – 4 oz. rating lends itself to a wide variety of surf rigs as you adjust weights for the tides and current.

In addition, can easily take this rod to flare hawk  jigs and larger swimbaits to hook up on big snook and really put this rod to the test. This medium power, fast action combo allows you to put pressure on fish without pulling hooks or missing bites.

Lets look at a few of the custom features on this build. We run a longer handle than you typically fish on a standard spinning rod which really helps to load the blank for a long cast. This extended grip features the #QGN shrink wrap over #DCL-39 snook decals for that added custom touch all rod builders are after.

Finish it off with a CRB’s #ARBC Door Knob Style Butt for comfort on your hip and pair this build with LZR Medium Duty Guides for a durable, lightweight guide train with increased casting distance.

These components bring together a versatile surf rod geared for performance out on the sand!

The 2-Piece 10’ Surf Rod Ready to Travel & Catch Fish

No surf rod arsenal is complete without a long multi-piece rod ready for travel.  This 10-footer is great for casting as far as you can see, while the 2-piece construction makes traveling to the beach very convenient.

We chose the #SU1207F-2-MHX Med-Heavy Power Surf Blank, this build will quickly become your favorite for its packability, high-performance and its rating of 2 – 5 oz. to fish any surf rig under the sun. The fast action of this rod is key not only for casting, but also detecting bites as the tip flexes and recovers with the current.

Once that tip keeps flexing, that fast action shows the bite without the fish feeling the rod! That translates into more fish caught.

Along with the right action and a boost in power, you can fire casts beyond breaking waves to active fish and have enough backbone to tangle with big gamefish in the surf.

Now, for the custom components. Our 10-foot surf rod is tricked out with the CRB #AFB Weighted Butt for rod balance and less fatigue, the CRB #ACLR Aluminum Comfort Lock Reel Seat to withstand the harsh elements, and the longer handle with #CTP Cork Tape for the proper rear grip length to provide that extension to cast a country mile.

Watch the SU1207F-2-MHX Surf Rod Recipe:

Rod Recipe_SU1207F-2 from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

Here’s the full SU1207F-2-MHX Surf Rod Recipe:

Rod Blank: #SU1207F-2-MHX Surf Rod

Guides: #PMDZG LZR Medium-Duty Spin Cast

Running Guides: #PRZG-8 LZR Running Guides Model R

Tip Top: #PMZT-8-7 LZR Medium-Duty Tip Top

Fore Grip: #FGVJ-7-300 EVA Vertical Jigging Grips

Reel Seat: #ACLR-18-S CRB Comfort Lock Reel Seat

Rear Grip: #CTP Cork Tape

Fighting Butt: #AFB-5 CRB Heavy Duty Aluminum Fighting Butt

Primary Thread: #CFS-D-619 ColorFast Violet

Secondary Thread: #CFS-D-822 ColorFast Silver Smoke

Metallic Thread 1: #MS-D-9600 Metallic Purple

Metallic Thread 2: #MS-D-9860 Metallic Silver

Build your new favorite surf rod and get to the beach for more bites!

If you are not a part of the biggest and best rod building community on the internet, be sure to Join the Rod Builders’ Workshop for MORE INFO!

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