Top 3 MHX Travel Fishing Rods for Any Trip

Top 3 MHX Travel Fishing Rods for Any Trip

Get the rundown on the best multi-piece travel rods to pack and perform on your next fishing trip.

Build the Best Multi-Piece Fishing Rod Around

We can all agree that preparation is crucial to a successful fishing trip. From having your rods and reels at the ready, to sorting all the tackle and gear you can cram in a suitcase, the well prepared angler is one who is always ready to make the most out of an opportunity.

From preparation comes confidence, and this confidence can be essential when fishing new waters. Basically, if you already know how your rod performs, and what it handles well, then you know when it’s time to catch your trophy fish—you will be ready.

In order to travel with the same confidence in your fishing equipment that you enjoy at home, why not choose the fishing rods designed to do it?

1. The Travel Rod for Florida and Lake Fishing

From the lakes of Florida and Alabama, to the Tennessee River and all the major lakes across the nation, the TR843-3-MHX will be your best bet for a high-quality casting travel rod.

Since we’re looking for something in the medium or medium-heavy range with a length of about 7 feet and a fast action, the MB843-MHX would be great, however its 3-piece counterpart, the TR843-3-MHX is designed to travel. Rated for 8-15 pound line and 3/16-5/8 oz lures, the versatile TR843-3-MHX has you covered for throwing everything from topwaters and worms, to frogs and Carolina rigs.

Taking the performance driven design behind the MB843 and tweaking it into 3-pieces for traveling convenience, the TR843-3-MHX is easy to store in a rod tube, stow away under car seats, and even fits airport regulations. The MB843-MHX is our highest selling blank for a reason and now with the travel model, you can capitalize on the same versatile fishing performance and celebrate with an easy to transport multi-piece version.

Grab a TR843-3-MHX and build the perfect big pond hopping rod for your vacation!

2. Travel Rods for Fishing Flats, Streams, & Light Tackle

When you’re heading down to the Florida Keys, but all you can think of is hooking up on a bonefish and hearing that reel squeal as your fight begins, the TFW782-3-MHX Blank will be the best light travel rods to keep in mind.

The TFW782-3-MHX is rated for 6-10 pound line, 1/16-5/16 oz lures, and performs great in freshwater and light saltwater applications alike. With a moderate action and light power, this Light Travel Rod Blank gives you an awesome performance for what often becomes an unbeatable experience.

Measuring in at 6’6”, you can expect the TFW782-3-MHX to cast with incredible precision. This helps to keep from spooking fish whether wading in the gin-like waters of the Keys, or in the crystal clear water of your favorite trout stream.

How about a camping trip up in the mountains?

Chances are there’s a beautiful stream nearby, so build on this travel blank for the best light travel rod available. Perfect for catching stream fish like trout, panfish, and perch, this TFW782 will put a ton of fun right in the palm of your hand!

Although great in lighter applications, the TFW782-3-MHX is also perfect to hand over to your kids. Before long, you’ll watch them reel in their next fish, or maybe even their first, while all you have to do is savor the memory.

3. The Best Tropical Getaway Travel Rod

Maybe your trip is all about a target species, or maybe you’re just slipping away from that island getaway to catch some fish, either way the TFW842-3-MHX builds you the best spinning travel rod to have alongside.

If you need a good cast to get to them, but a rod that can hold up to keep them hooked once they run, the TFW842 is a gamechanger!

Dialing the power back compared to the casting travel rod, this TFW842-3-MHX is engineered with a moderate fast action and a light power to maximize your hook ups and catch all the fishing fun out on the water. The TFW842-3-MHX performs best when throwing 6-10 pound line and 1/16-5/16 oz lures, especially in freshwater and light saltwater applications.

Modeled after the popular spin jig blank, the SJ842-MHX, this travel rod brings the same performance benefits with the bonus of a 3-piece construction to make traveling a breeze!

At a full 7 feet, this MHX travel rod provides the perfect balance between casting distance and accuracy.

Quick Tips for Travel Rod Building

Multi-piece travel rod blanks are perfect for accompanying your adventure, but these blanks do require some extra preparation.

The good news is that with a few helpful tips, you can build the best travel fishing rod for you in no time!

Find the Spine of Each Blank Section

The spine of a rod blank works as the backbone of the rod, and finding that spine is the first step to building the rod for peak performance.

With one piece blanks, you simply find one spine or use the most pronounced spine, but with multi-piece blanks, it is best to locate the spine of each section. Also keep in mind, when we refer to spining every section, disregard the handle section because it is often too stiff to truly spine as you would the more limber sections.

This is an easy trick to improve your multi-piece builds, so that you can trust your travel rods to catch more fish!

See More on Spining Multi-Piece Fishing Rods

How-To Find The Spine Of A Multi-Section Rod Blank | Rod Building 101 from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

Whether you’re building a 3-piece casting or spinning rod, or even a 4 0r 6-piece fly rod, take the time to properly spine the blank sections. That way when you line up all the blank sections together, the completed rod truly feels and performs like one solid blank.

Use Ferrule Wraps to Reinforce Rod Blank

Besides spining each section, adding ferrule wraps to each conjoining section is a must for building multi-piece fishing rods.

When the ferrules are put under increasing stress, they may crack or split, which means the rod segments no longer fit together. It is therefore recommended that you wrap and epoxy these connection points to provide additional support and prevent these issues.

Similar to wrapping a guide, the ferrule wrap is meant to increase the hoop strength around the female end and reinforce the connection point between each conjoining section of the rod blank.

Some ferrules can include guides, while others serve only as support for the connection points of the blank. Either way, ferrule wraps are an important and well-documented step to increase the security and durability of your travel rods.

Learn more tips for ferrule wraps in the Mud Blog below!

Build Section by Section with the Blank Extension Tool

The CRB Blank Extension Tool is a must have resource for any rod builder working on multi-piece rods. Since this extension tool quickly solves the most common problems of building multi-piece blanks, it has become widely recognized and highly recommended for building travel rods, fly rods, and more!

Product Spotlight: CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set 

ProductShowcase_CRB Pro-EXT-1 from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

For example, ferrule wraps used to be a pain, but not with the Blank Extension Tool.  All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

Or, do you need a clean, easy way to apply epoxy right to the ends of your ferrule wraps?  No problem!

The Blank Extension Tool chucks perfectly into any of the CRB Rod Dryers, making it super effective when adding epoxy to ferrule wraps or even individually finishing sections of a multi-piece rod.

Check out the MHX Travel Series

The guys at MHX Rods work diligently to design performance driven rod blanks regardless of fishing application.

That’s why when it came to a travel series, the MHX Rod Designers dove into engineering multi-piece blanks that introduce the popular tapers and performance of Series like the Mag Taper, Spin Jig, Spinning, and Fly rods that can also break down to 3, 4, or 6-pieces to conveniently fit into your luggage or carry on.

MHX is proud to produce the leading rod blanks for any style of fishing. Chances are… if there’s water, then there’s fish, so see what you can catch on your next vacation!

Learn more about the Travel Series:

Travel Series Rod Blanks

Most of these travel series rod blanks come in segment sizes that when broken down—fit perfectly in your luggage or your carry-on.

Plus, they inherit the same high-performance characteristics as their one piece cousin because you shouldn’t have to sacrifice performance potential for the convenience of a travel rod blank.

Find your Travel Rod Blank now!


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