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Back To Basics For Your Workbench

Back To Basics For Your Workbench

The tools and equipment from CRB have transformed the art of custom rod building, offering affordability and straightforward mechanics like never before. Above all, it provides rod builders with a robust and reliable system that will never be obsolete.

Whether you're a novice in the world of custom rod building or a seasoned professional, these fundamental rod building tools will consistently prove their worth on your workbench.

When talking about indispensable tools on a rod builder's work bench, we have to lead off with a hand wrapper. One of the most popular, is actually the simplest on the market. 

CRB Core Hand Wrapper

The CRB Core Hand Wrapper was crafted with a singular aim: to assist anglers in establishing their rod-building skills. Constructed from resilient ABS polymer, this hand wrapper boasts a compact design, offering builders with limited workspace a sturdy platform for their rod assembly and repair tasks. Its bottom surface is equipped with molded rubber feet, ensuring steadfast stability on diverse surfaces, making it the perfect choice for on-the-go rod building.

When making a list for the basic rod building needs you can't have a handwrapper with out a rod dryer. What is a rod dryer? From a glossary of rod building terms, "The dryer is used to keep your rod rotating while epoxies and rod finishes cure and help create an even finish - without sagging or drooping of finish.":

All thread finish epoxies are a self leveling finish so either the builder or a mechanical motor needs to continually rotate the rod until the finish is cured. Both options work but we prefer the latter. 

CRB RDS Rod Drying System 

In designing the RDS Rod Drying System, CRB had a clear focus on delivering both value and quality. This innovative system provides rod builders with a durable and user-friendly drying unit suitable for novices and professionals alike. The CRB drying system leads the way all while maintaining an industry-defying price point without compromising on functionality. Each unit is equipped with a choice of a 9 or 18 RPM drying motor, a 6' cord, a form-fitting chuck, and includes a dryer support stand, making it a comprehensive and cost-effective solution.

Moving towards outfitting your work bench, CRB has a host of tools and accessories to make rod builder's lives easier. Not only is CRB dedicated to creating products to help people enjoy rod building but there are tools to help rod builders perfect their craft. Making sure your decals are perfect or your thread is neatly packed, it is the little things that can make all the difference. 

CRB Burnishing Tool Set

*Made in the USA*

The 5-piece Burnishing Tool Set ensures precise thread control during critical moments. CRB's design team meticulously crafted these tools to match the demands of various wrapping scenarios, offering the ideal shapes for every burnishing task. This cost-effective yet highly efficient set is an essential addition to any rod builder's workspace.

Another sticky situation in rod building can be decal application. From rod specifications to brand name and even a special message on a custom decal, it can really make or break a build. 

Rod decals are such an important topic we dedicated a Mud Hole Live Show: Stuck on Decals to help builders through the process. 

Years of decal frustration has lead to the design and manufacturing of the decal roller set. 

CRB Decal Roller Set

The CRB Decal Roller delivers precise and consistent pressure, effectively eliminating imperfections and ensuring secure bonding of decals to the rod blank. Designed with an ergonomic handle and equipped with three distinct roller heads, this tool is an indispensable asset for every committed rod builder.

Don't limit its use to decals alone – the roller heads come with a heat shrink coating, striking the perfect balance between grip and non-marking functionality, making it suitable for thread wraps, abalone, and even snakeskin applications.

There you have it, some of the best basic tools every rod builder can appreciate and use their entire career. 

Already have the tolls mentioned above? Well, have a look through the CRB Tools section here on Mud Hole's site. From reamers to brushes and mandrels to power wrappers, it is an expansive list! There are some incredibly useful tools and new ones being developed all the time. 

In addition to all the great tools and equipment, Mud Hole provides best-in-industry resources. From rod building classes to spacing charts and even a live show that is archived on youtube, we work hard so you don't have to. 

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