3 RBS Upgrades to Expand Your Workshop

3 RBS Upgrades to Expand Your Workshop
Whether you power up your workshop with a power wrapper, or you look to a trusty hand wrapper to get custom fishing rods wrapped, these exciting equipment upgrades bring all the innovative rod building benefits to boost your workshop!

Why Choose the RBS Rod Building System?

The RBS Rod Building System is the best investment you can make when getting into custom rod building... Why?

Well, one big reason is that it's future proof and protects your investment with a system that can grow and change along with your rod building skills. 

hand wrapper

For instance, we recommend starting out with a hand wrapper and a basic rod dryer, but as you get more into the craft, you will also develop your own preferences for thread wraps, applying epoxy finish, and more.

hand wrapper

This could mean upgrading to a power wrapper to speed up wraps and increase your rod building efficiency, ramping up the RPMs of your rod dryer because you've outgrown the speed of the 9 RPM Dryer, or even just adding two more spools for a four spool wrapper ready for any custom thread work.

Each piece of equipment in the RBS Rod Building System family is compatible with the main ABS Aluminum Base Station track, so that your workshop is guaranteed to work flawlessly from reaming handles and spacing guides, to wrapping thread, applying finish, and curing the complete fishing rod.

Not only do these additions fit onto the track, just add the sliding hardware to keep any piece of equipment moving along with you as you complete the next custom rod. 

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For the RBS Rod Building System, this is all in a day's work. Long story short, there's an entire system of equipment waiting to grow along with your interests in rod building!

Now let's take a look at some exciting equipment upgrades coming to an RBS System near you:

1. Two Spool Thread Carriages & Hand Wrappers 

Taking the popularity and affordability of the RBS thread wrapping equipment and making it even better, CRB has launched all-new thread wrapping devices that will truly blow you away.

From improving the ball bearings and tension control, to adding helpful features and innovative thread paths, the new era of thread carriages and hand wrappers are here. With access to two threads at once, you can complete a wrap and add a secondary thread for trim bands, in-lays, and more for a true custom wrap that will make you proud and catch the eyes of customers.

And with access to threads like this, it only takes minutes to wrap an entire rod! Sliding Thread Carriages, like the TC2, are designed as the perfect companion for power wrappers. For example, the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper demands a thread carriage that can keep up and the TC2 does all that and more!

The Two Spool Advanced Hand Wrapper can be a standalone hand wrapper or work in conjunction with power wrappers.

hand wrapper

Whether you prefer power wrapping, or hand wrapping, the RBS System has the best thread wrapping device to help you do it. Plus, producing ultra smooth, tight thread wraps means that they're here to lead the pack!

2. Four Spool Thread Carriages & Hand Wrappers 

Along with a new ball bearing system and tension control, the addition of two more thread spools for a four spool thread carriage or hand wrapper is a huge leap for custom rod building.

hand wrapper

Taking the form and function of the two spool carriage and hand wrapper, but incorporating two more spools helps make decorative threadwork in guide wraps, butt wraps, and more a breeze!

hand wrapper

Imagine having four different rod winding threads at your reach at all times while wrapping... It's a no-brainer that this will make even the most intricate easier, while also tremendously reducing the time it takes to complete those wraps that really "WOW!"

hand wrapper

The time to upgrade your wrapping methods is now, and these thread carriages and hand wrappers are ready to revolutionize your thread wrapping experience in an instant.

Product Showcase: 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage 

With quick access to 4 spools of thread at once, this 4-spool rolling thread carriage allows rod builders to efficiently complete even the most demanding decorative threadwork.

Product Showcase: Advanced Hand Wrapper System

Available in two spool and four spool options, this Advanced Hand Wrapper System is truly the best equipment for tight, smooth thread wraps done by hand.

3. Limited Edition RBS Pro Power Wrapper with Black Base Station

Black out your Rod Building System with the Limited Edition RBS-Pro Power Wrapper with Black Base Station!

hand wrapper

Featuring the RBS System’s best-selling track—only now it’s transformed into an all Black Anodized Aluminum Base Station engineered with aircraft grade aluminum that’s also anodized for a sleek black style that’s durable and ready to work longterm.

Limited Edition… Track in Black!

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This RBS-Pro Kit also includes the industry leading RBS-Pro Power Wrapper and the TC4 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage. When assembled, this Rod Building System provides over 8' of working area to bolster your workshop. Plus, the stunning Black Anodized Aluminum Base Station won’t crack, chip, peel, or flake!

Product Showcase: Limited Edition RBS Pro Wrapper Kit

Build rods on your own ALL BLACK Base Station before it's too late! Featuring the RBS System’s best-selling track—only now it’s transformed into an all Black Anodized Aluminum Base Station engineered with aircraft grade aluminum that’s also anodized for a sleek black style that’s durable and ready to work longterm.

The kit includes the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper that sets a new standard for professional grade in the marketplace. Features include a heavy-duty precision machined aircraft grade aluminum headstock with 3-jaw self-centering chuck, four speed & torque options, and a foot pedal for complete control over the most powerful and quiet motor on the market.

Learn more about the RBS-Pro Power Wrapper here...

Want better wraps? This kit also includes the RBS-TC4 4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage!

Key features include an all-new bearing and spring system that eliminates friction for infinite control over your flowing threads that results in tight, smooth thread wraps with ease.

This Limited Edition RBS Pro Power Wrapper Kit will serve you well for many, many years to come!

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