Build My Valentine with Mud Hole

Want to show love for your Valentine but stumped on this year’s gift? Rod Builders already know the move. Check out these awesome custom rods built for some Workshop loved ones lucky enough to wed a rod builder!

Rod Building Never Looked So Romantic

Whether in holy matrimony, or fishing off the dock, those lucky enough to have a partner in crime often choose to build them a one of a kind custom fishing rod. Bass, catfish, snapper, trout… you name it and there’s a couple out there catching ’em together on the water.

This approach, when executed successfully, can kill two birds with one stone.

First, you have a quality handmade gift, which goes a long way with the ladies and the gentlemen for obvious reasons. Second, you now have one more reason to go fishing!

Check out these heartthrob builds gifted to some lucky significant others:

Lance Seme First Butt Wrap for Her


“Got a bit of inspiration after last night’s live stream, first butt wrap (for the wife) couple issues but I’ll take it.”

– Lance Seme

Huy Nhat Nguyen Ready to Build More


“My wife finally came into my workshop and saw the rod I am building the first time and she loves it. She said I should build more for our daughters. I think she gave me the green light to spend more money. 😂

– Huy Nhat Nguyen 

John Tyre’s His and Hers Custom Rods


“Here is a couple good looking rods me and my wife had made for each other by a good friend, Dale Sylva.”

– John Tyre

Dale Sylva Built This for a Customer’s Wife


“MHX blank with Winn grips I did for a customers wife. #Build2Win

– Dale Sylva

DON’T FORGET – Use the hashtag #Build2Win when you share custom handles in the Rod Builders’ Workshop to WIN FREE GIFT CARDS!

Learn more about the #Build2Win Photo Contest here!

Zane Zaste Chose a Tennessee Vols Theme



“Wife loves the Vols so I of course had to build her a themed walleye rod using the 6’8″ blue CRB.”

– Zane Zaste

Cody Dodd’s Wife Fishing His First Build


“The wife put my first rod I ever built (about 6 months ago) to the test today. Pulled in a 50# catfish on a MHX 7’ MH. She isn’t a expert on rods by any means but after catching a couple smaller 30-40# fish on some store bought rods she said the custom rod was the best, and didn’t “twist in my hands” like the others. Screen shot a pic from a video.”

– Cody Dodd

Luke Higgins Chose the Perfect Colors



“Well it’s first build, probably not much chance of winning, but why not enter? Built for my wife, crb color kit that came with my wrapper. #Build2win

– Luke Higgins 

Gift a Custom Rod to Your Valentine!

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