Go Fishing Day

5 Reasons to Celebrate National Go Fishing Day

5 Reasons to Celebrate National Go Fishing Day

Clearly, we love fishing, and we are very confident that you do too. Let’s take a look at a few reasons why we love being on the water and why National Go Fishing Day is a favorite holiday for anglers everywhere.

It’s Time to Fish Your Custom Rods 

We know the time and effort spent that goes into building rods, and we certainly know how to enjoy those custom builds to the fullest… Let’s go fishing!

There are many ways that we end up falling in love with fishing, whether it is being outside, the thrill of the chase, the reward of the catch, or just that target species that ignited your passion for the pursuit in the first place.

We all share an origin story with fishing, so now we are looking at the most common reasons to hook up on National Go Fishing Day.

These are the 5 reasons that fishing gets us up and on the water before the sunrise:

1. Fishing is Fun—Very Fun.

From humble beginnings, to strictly chasing trophies, fishing is a past time quickly turned passion because it rewards you in more ways than one.

Let’s be honest, fishing is just flat out fun!

If you have ever felt the tug of a hungry fish, we don’t have to explain it to you. The excitement of the bite and that resulting fight will get your adrenalin pumping every time.

Fishing is one of the few past times that can truly make you feel like a kid again.  It does not matter if it is your first or if you have been doing it your entire life, it can truly take you back.

The excitement of fishing never fades.

2. No Worries on the Water 

The rewards of fishing truly go beyond catching. For example, even the most experienced angler will tell you that a bad day of fishing beats a good day of anything else 10 out of 10 times.

That’s because fishing is about catching sure, but it’s also about slowing down, looking around, and taking it all in.

Not only taking advantage of your time off, but more importantly, enjoying your time off by forgetting the stresses of inland life and living purely in that moment by the water.

3. Catch the Rewards of the Outdoors

From sunrise to sunset, and sometimes even overnight, the pursuits of fishing will take you on as a passenger to witness the true beauty of the outdoors.

No, there’s no famous narrator to talk you through it all, but you can still watch as it all unfolds right in front of you. There’s something very special about waking up with the wildlife and seeing everything come to life on the water and along each shoreline.

Many of the fish we chase live in the most stunning environments and that’s all the more reason to get out there. Expanding our horizons in these wonderful outdoor worlds also helps garner more exposure for conservation.

Identify these local fishing holes that you hold dear and learn what it takes to protect each area along the way.

4. Quality Time with Friends and Family

While fishing, you often share your time and conversation with someone special. Family, friends, and fellow anglers all feel the same when you’re celebrating National Go Fishing Day.

Shared interest in fishing is what got you out there together, but where that conversation goes on the water is another story. In hindsight, many of our best memories happen on the water regardless of fish.

From back-and-forth banter and gut-busting laughter, to even burying hatchets and old-fashioned heart-to-hearts, these conversations go down as quality time and occasionally, a bit of therapy too.

Take someone special fishing and just enjoy their company!

5. Show off Your Custom Fishing Rods

We saved our favorite reason for last… fishing is the best opportunity to show off your hard work and get those custom rods in the sunlight.

Rod building can certainly be a humbling endeavor, so when you put the time in and craft a custom rod that has to be seen, take advantage of it. Don’t be shy, you will get questions about your work.

If you enjoy building rods and have the passion to start your own business, the free advertising of fishing your custom builds is a great way to spread the word. Anglers will often compliment your gear, or ask questions about your setup in passing, this moment is perfect to showcase your work and why you built the rod that way.

The fishing and rod building community are constantly growing in this way because it’s natural networking among passionate peers. Who knows, you may even earn a loyal customer for life just by talking shop with a fellow fisherman!

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