Aluminum Winding Checks for G2 Carbon Handle Split Grips

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Size: 12mm
Color: Gloss Black
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Color Gloss Black

Aluminum Winding Checks for G2 Carbon Handle Split Grips

Product Details

These all-new winding checks are designed to work with American Tackle's new Split Grip G2 Carbon Handle System. Offered in 3 trim finishes and a wide range of IDs.
Colors: Silver, Gloss Black or Matte Black

Key Features & Benefits

  • Available in Silver, Gloss Black or Matte Black
  • Designed for split grip American Tackle G2 Carbon Handle system
  • Offered in 9mm to 17mm ID


Gloss Black Matte Black Silver I.D. O.D. Tenon O.D.
G2HSGWC-9-B G2HSGWC-9-MB G2HSGWC-9-S 9.0mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-9.5-B G2HSGWC-9.5-MB G2HSGWC-9.5-S 9.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-10-B G2HSGWC-10-MB G2HSGWC-10-S 10mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-10.5-B G2HSGWC-10.5-MB G2HSGWC-10.5-S 10.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-11-B G2HSGWC-11-MB G2HSGWC-11-S 11mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-11.5-B G2HSGWC-11.5-MB G2HSGWC-11.5-S 11.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-12-B G2HSGWC-12-MB G2HSGWC-12-S 12mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-12.5-B G2HSGWC-12.5-MB G2HSGWC-12.5-S 12.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-13-B G2HSGWC-13-MB G2HSGWC-13-S 13mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-13.5-B G2HSGWC-13.5-MB G2HSGWC-13.5-S 13.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-14-B G2HSGWC-14-MB G2HSGWC-14-S 14mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-14.5-B G2HSGWC-14.5-MB G2HSGWC-14.5-S 14.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-15-B G2HSGWC-15-MB G2HSGWC-15-S 15mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-15.5-B G2HSGWC-15.5-MB G2HSGWC-15.5-S 15.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-16-B G2HSGWC-16-MB G2HSGWC-16-S 16mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-16.5-B G2HSGWC-16.5-MB G2HSGWC-16.5-S 16.5mm 19.4mm 18mm
G2HSGWC-17-B G2HSGWC-17-MB G2HSGWC-17-S 17mm 19.4mm 18mm

Proposition 65 Warning


CA Proposition 65 Warning

WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to

Customer Reviews

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Cody Larsen (Boise, ID, US)

These checks look good if you get the right size.

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