Cups & Mixers

Cups & Mixers

Whether you’re looking for epoxy mixers or epoxy mixing supplies, Mud Hole has the largest inventory of essential epoxy mixing accessories for any level of rod builder. From complete epoxy mixing systems and reusable dishes, to disposable mixing cups, stir sticks, and more, get all your epoxy mixing essentials in one stop right here!


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Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)Mixing Cups & Sticks (10 pack)
Stainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMXStainless Steel Mixing Cups - SSMX
2.5 oz. Mixing Cups (125 pk.)
1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)1 oz. Mixing Cups (100 pk.)
CRB Marbling Tray [5 pcs.]CRB Marbling Tray [5 pcs.]
Save 75%
CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1
CRB Disposable Plastic Epoxy Mixing Dishes PMD-1 Sale price$2.99 USD Regular price$11.95 USD
CRB Syringes with Sealing Caps KitCRB Syringes with Sealing Caps Kit
CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1CRB Epoxy Mixing System EM1
Disposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 PackDisposable Foil Epoxy Mixing Dishes, 25 Pack
CRB Mixing Sticks (100 Pack)
Epoxy Paddle Stir Stick, 25-PackEpoxy Paddle Stir Stick, 25-Pack
Thread Probe Set
Thread Probe Set Sale price$7.95 USD
Spatula Set
Spatula Set Sale price$8.95 USD
5-Inch Mixing Spatula Sticks (12 Pack)
Flex Coat Mixing Sticks (100 Pack)
Replacement Mixing Rod for EM1 Epoxy Mixer
Yorker Caps
Yorker Caps Sale price$1.14 USD