Why You Need The CRB Core Hand Wrapper

Why You Need The CRB Core Hand Wrapper

At the Core of rod building is the proper equipment. The tools and equipment you build with are just as important as the right blank, proper guide spacing or length of handle. It can significantly impact the quality and performance of the finished product.

Rod building requires specialized tools and materials, and each tool serves a specific purpose in the construction process.

Synonymous with quality, the Custom Rod Builder (CRB) brand has been the premier source of affordable, functional, and innovative tools and components for years. 

Continuing that trend of innovation, CRB set out to produce a hand wrapper specifically designed to help anglers build a foundation in rod building.

Before we dive into the specific features, let's talk a bit about why the Core hand wrapper was developed.

Rod building is growing. It is not just for adults anymore. Kids of all ages are getting into rod building.  For some it is a hobby and others have a desire to create something that suits their style of fishing or express an artistic design.

In addition, traveling anglers of all ages have limited space to work, or they might need to make a repair on the road and the portability of the Core wrapper was a major factor. It can break down quickly and has a small foot print for the mobile rod building studio. 

Building on the go helps all levels of rod builders and anglers alike. Knowing you can make a repair while away from your shop will add peace of mind and help you get back on the water in no time.

The Base

Created from a durable ABS polymer, this hand wrapper features a compact footprint to allow builders with limited space a stable platform to build or repair their rods. The underside features molded rubber feet that maintain solid contact on a variety of surfaces. When building on the go, this wrapper keeps you grounded.

Thread Carriage

The CRB Core hand wrapper is simplicity at its finest.  It features a single spool thread carriage with tension rod to that gives that allows the builder to wrap smooth, tight wraps. Unlike the original hand wrapper, the Core’s thread carriage slides on the base of the wrapper to allow proper alignment throughout the build.

Thread Tension Rod

The CRB Core hand wrapper also comes with a thread tension rod, which is designed to keep constant thread tension on your wraps, cushion the thread spool pressure, and allow you to reverse your wraps without losing tension on the thread.

BTW, this is a really big deal, and a favorite of all levels of builders.

What this means is that while you are wrapping a guide, you can reverse the rod blank and un-thread the guide wrap - while tension is still being applied to the thread.

Try doing this without a tension rod and you basically are starting all over again - because the thread will just unravel immediately.

Rod Stands

Just as the base has two rod support stands, CRB provides a third stand separate from the base. This allows the builder to support the rod and you move down the blank from guide to guide. Think of it as an extra hand!

These rod stands are adjustable on the base to allow the builder to work around other guides, hook keeper or the handle.

You will also notice two stepped notches on the upright portions of the stand. These are for your rod bands. They are hooked into the notch, travel up and over the top of the rod blank and hooked on the other side notch. These provide stability and can add desired tension while wrapping.

These features provide a stable and affordable platform to give all builders the ability to fine tune their thread wrapper to match your unique rod building requirements.

The CRB Core wrapper is highly recommended for all ages whether you are a beginner or a pro! 

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