Make Guide Spacing Easier Than Ever

Make Guide Spacing Easier Than Ever

There are many ways to space guides in custom rod building, but none are as fast and easy as these CRB Guide Spacing Charts. Whether you have Standard, Performance, or Elite CRB Guides, this chart uses the length of your blank to correctly configure your custom guide spacing.

No Guesswork with CRB Guides

In the past, guide spacing was a manual task as frustrating as it was time consuming. Like manually spacing out guides, ordering each of these individual guides became a process that was just as tedious as their manual spacing on a rod.

But now, CRB has simplified each process to both please custom rod builders and ease any confusion. From offering guide sets in complete kits to including their proper spacing in charts, CRB has introduced two awesome ways to make rod building easier than ever before.

Custom Rod Building Made Easy

Available in spinning or casting, the CRB Guide Kits come in your choice of 3 performance levels: Elite, Performance, and Standard.

The Elite CRB Guides are engineered with diamond-polished Zirconia Oxide ceramic insert rings and are arranged in the concept-style layout. These Elite Guides have the highest tensile strength of all the CRB Guides.

CRB Elite Guide Kits:


The CRB Elite Guides are also available in casting applications!

Besides the Elites, CRB offers Performance Guides with high grade Titanium Oxide ceramic insert rings and a concept-style layout, as well as the Standard Guides that have Aluminum Oxide ceramic insert rings and come in the traditional cone of flight layout.

In addition to the complete guide set, each kit also features the general measurements for rod blanks with lengths of either 6'6", 7'0", or 7'6". These measurements not only make guide spacing easier, but also make sure its done quickly and correctly.

More Precise Guide Spacing

Since CRB already offer 3 levels of guides based on performance with the general guide spacing included, they recently decided to introduce a more detailed spacing chart according to the specific length of your rod blank. Available for both spinning and casting, these CRB Guide Spacing Charts simplify the process while the precise spacing dial-ins your performance for the ultimate fishing experience.

CRB Spinning Guide Spacing Chart

CRB Casting Guide Spacing Chart


Although CRB Guide Kits includes a great general spacing matrix, CRB's Guide Spacing Chart provides more detailed measurements for application specific rod lengths in order to dial-in and improve the performance of your custom rod.

From 5'0" to 10'6", these Guide Spacing Charts have you covered for quick, easy guide placement that dramatically boosts your blank's performance and your overall fishing experience.

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