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Why Build with Winthrop Components

Why Build with Winthrop Components

A name synonymous with quality, Winthrop Tackle provides USA made components for the most extreme fishing conditions.

Created by fisherman and tool maker Capt. Fred Malcarne, he set out to engineer components “designed by fisherman, for fisherman.” Some might thing that is just a catchy slogan but not Fred. It means much more. All of their components are made at their state-of-the-art facility in  Essex, Connecticut.

Winthrop’s team of talented craftsmen utilize the latest CNC precision machinery available to create the largest rod-butts down to the smallest tip-top components. Their continuous evolution of product lines begins with the input from experienced rod builders and world-class fishermen. Marrying the latest angling techniques with solutions to problems that fishermen encounter on the water, Winthrop creates innovative products with an elegant design.

Finally, new product designs must meet Fred’s demanding expectations before prototyping can begin. Fred’s dedication to quality continues to drive the company, “It’s our attention to detail and quality standards that go hand-in-hand to ensure the best performing fishing gear displays the Winthrop brand.”

Let’s dive into the Winthrop products we carry here at Mud Hole.

With a full line of guides, aluminum butts, tip tops, gaff hooks and replacement parts, we are proud to provide rod builders and anglers with all things Winthrop. 

Shop all Winthrop products here: Winthrop Tackle 

One of the most recognizable products to come out of Capt. Fred Malcarne's shop is the Winthrop EPIC Butt. In addition to being cool looking, they are engineered to be stronger yet lighter in weight than their competitors.

The EPIC Butt features a fluted handle to provide additional grip under the most extreme conditions. Their octagonal hoods and matching collet nuts provide a unique look and additional grip to lock those big game reels in place. Finally their mushroom gimbal is ideal for angler with standup gear and keyed to prevent rotation.

EPIC Butt is anodized then sealed for extra protection. Standard colors available are black, black and gold, or silver. 

In addition to the aluminum butt, Winthrop also makes some of the most sought after roller guides in the industry. 

They offer guides in a number of different sizes and finishes but one thing is for sure, they are built to handle big fish in grueling conditions. 

Winthrop offers two series of roller guides, the Excel and the X-Caliber.  Mud Hole carries both options in kits as well as individual guides. No matter what custom rod you are building, there is a Winthrop guide for you. 

All Winthrop roller guide frames are precision machined out of a solid piece of aircraft-grade aluminum. As for the internals, the rollers are made from 316 stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance.

This construction design is free from any welds, seams, bends, sharp edges or screws to avoid unwanted sharp edges to chafe the line. The line cannot get pinched between the recessed roller and frame.

Another unique option with Winthrop roller guides, is you can buy them with bearing rollers or bushing rollers. 

Roller guides with Winthrop's custom-machined, long-life bushing, provide a smooth rolling action with very low maintenance. If you run a charter boat and need day-to-day reliability under hard use, the bushing rollers would be a great option. 

Winthrop roller guides with the ball bearing option provide an unparalleled smooth rolling action. For tournament boats competing in high level billfish events and those demanding unmatched performance from their gear, the bearing rollers are for you! 

When Capt. Fred made the statement, built by fisherman, for fisherman, he meant it. He knows the importance of maintenance and created a roller guide that is serviceable and replaceable without having to cut the frame off your custom rod.

The Winthrop Roller Cartridges are built to be replaceable for any guide Winthrop makes. If you do have something go down while on a fishing trip, you can be back in business in no time with a quick cartridge change. 

Finally, what is a beautiful set of roller guides without a matching, high performance tip top!? Well, Winthrop has you covered. 

They have a few different tip top options in aluminum as well as titanium.

Starting with the Aluminum Top, this is a benchmark for performance and reliability in roller tops. Featuring a seamless construction, these are milled from solid aircraft grade aluminum. Standard colors available are Black, Silver, or Gold with silver rollers or optional gold rollers.

In addition to the standard aluminum top, Winthrop has an Xpress Aluminum Top. Known for being a tough, lightweight roller top for demanding anglers, it is Winthrop's most popular roller top. The Xpress top is available in Black, Silver, or Gold colored frames to match our X-Caliber and Excel roller guide sets.

Finally, Winthrop’s titanium tops are designed for performance. They are strong, impervious to the elements and the lightest roller tops in the industry. The solid titanium tops also offer excellent abrasion resistance and have a distinctive titanium color and finish that will never fade.

If you are looking for top tier components to venture out in search of the fish of a lifetime, look no further than the USA Made Winthrop Components. From butt to tip, Capt. Fred Malcarne and his team of craftsmen have set the bar for offshore rod components. 


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