The Best Rod Building Gifts Under $20

The Best Rod Building Gifts Under $20

Give the Gift of Custom Rod Building

Since Mud Hole has the largest inventory of custom rod building components, it can be challenging to find exactly what to give as a gift. But that’s why we assembled this exclusive wish list of the best gifts to give a rod builder and for the best price.

Check out this list to make your shopping easier for that rod builder in your life. 

Rod Building Gifts:

1. CRB Blank Extension Tool

Although fishing with a multi-piece rod doesn’t feel any more difficult than using a one-piece rod, there are some added aspects of building a multi-piece rod that can get tricky. Since a complete multi-piece rod becomes quite long, it makes wrapping and finishing the assembled rod much more challenging.

Whether wrapping the ferrules or finishing a segment of the multi-piece fishing rod, the CRB Blank Extension Tool is the perfect asset to help you overcome these custom rod building challenges.

The idea of ferrule wraps is rather simple however, the completion is a bit more complicated. Considering it works best to center the wrap on a rod blank, it’s difficult to do this when lacking the adequate length to work.

In the past, this made ferrule wraps a real pain, but now with the CRB Blank Extension Tool, ferrule wraps are easier than ever. All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

You can even chuck up the Blank Extension Tool into your rod dryer!

The CRB Blank Extension Tool’s tapered design works to easily accommodate any rod blank with an inside diameter between .20” and .35”. This allows you to fit each section of the multi-piece rod onto the CRB Blank Extension Tool and then precisely work on wrapping and finishing its guides.

Grab a Blank Extension Tool to make building multi-piece rods a breeze!

2. CRB Cork Ring Holder and Base Kit

The CRB Cork Ring holder and Base is an easy to use tool that simplifies the custom handle building process.

Made from Durable ABS Plastic the unique design of the Cork Ring holder and Base allows builders to control cork rings safely and securely during the reaming process.

This Combo kit increases reaming efficiency, accuracy and speed with it’s unique design that works with most drill press platforms.

Especially when using a power drill or in a drill press without having to sacrifice speed or efficiency. When working with 1 1/4″ Cork Rings, the CRB Cork Ring Holder is a tool you need closeby!

3. CRB Steel Turning Mandrels

Looking to turn your own custom grips? Then these Steel Turning Mandrels are a great tool to start with.

These mandrels are made of 18″ Oil hardened steel with 60° taper in each end for a live center. These mandrels have been designed for turning cork and EVA handles with the ultimate precision and success.

Each mandrel includes a pair of adjustable, removable collars to secure your handle in place while you shape it.

4. Pro Products Single Rod Epoxy and Glue Kit

If you need just enough epoxy and glue to finish one rod build, this Single Rod Epoxy and Glue Kit is designed for you!

This kit is the perfect solution for hobbyists and beginners who want the right amount of finish and glue to complete a single custom rod.

Each kit includes 2 packets of ProGlue epoxy glue (6g each) , 2 packets of ProKote medium build thread finish (6g each), 3 mixing cups, 3 mixing sticks and 2 finish brushes.

5. CRB Thread Inlay Bobbin

This innovative tool is designed to strategically assist builders with decorative inlays.

This tool is best for wraps using multiple inlays because the notched spool holders are specially design to allow for a rod band to sit in place and hold the bobbin on the blank and out of the way during the wrapping process.

The bobbin also helps keep thread organized and under tension during your decorative inlays. The custom molded bobbin cradle allows a rod band or rubber band to securely attach the inlay bobbin to the rod blank.

Plus it’s engineered from premium ABS and high quality surgical steel so this tool is one you can trust to get the job done.

6. Winn Overwrap

While fishing, custom handle assemblies have the greatest risk of damage. Regardless of material, handles and grips are subject to damage and deterioration from exposure to the environmental elements of fishing as well as repeated use.

Winn Overwraps are a popular and easy solution to restoring grips on all types of custom fishing rods!

Whether sloughing, chipping, or just weathering away, it is important to realize and repair these damaging signs before your handle assembly deteriorates completely. There are many ways to re-grip and adequately fix handle assemblies without ever sacrificing your favorite fishing rod or its dependable performance.

Adding Winn Overwraps to damaged grips gives your favorite fly rod that second chance it deserves. If you have chipped cork handle assemblies or EVA that’s started to deteriorate, simply add Winn Overwraps to resurrect your handle with a grip that works as great as it looks.


7. Tip Top Repair Kit

Broken tip-tops are among the most common fishing rod failures. Therefore, it’s no surprise that measuring and replacing tips tops are the most frequently asked questions.

The eerie sound of snapping off a tip-top is utterly heart-breaking. Perhaps the most upsetting, the leading cause of death for tip-tops is human error. Broken tip-tops can quickly devastate an angler and ultimately, an entire fishing trip.

Mud Hole offers an assortment of Tip Top Repair Kits that provides a quick fix for all rod builders to get back on the water.

Whether severing the tip-top closing the car door, stepping on the rod, or just reeling in the lure too far, the point is that it happens and you can fix it!

8. MHX Polarized Sunglasses

Many anglers, especially sight fisherman, agree that a good pair of sunglasses can make all the difference spotting fish in the water. Polarized, lightweight, and fairly priced, MHX Sunglasses shield you from the sun and unwanted glare whether tracking fish in the shallows or deep offshore.

Benefits of MHX Polarized Lenses:

• Reduce eye strain for outdoor activities such as fishing, biking. wakeboarding or waterskiing

• Filter out glare to improve safety while driving boats, cars, or anything in between.

• Lightweight Design that’s ideal for outdoor enthusiasts

9. MHX Fishing Hats

These hats are great for the outdoors and pack the style to match.

Featuring the signature MHX black and green as well as mesh backing and adjustable Velcro straps, each hat takes style as serious as performance.


These caps will definitely keep you looking and feeling cool on the water.

10. MHX UV Sleeves

Balancing performance and style, MHX UV Sleeves help anglers beat the sun and the heat.

These UV Sleeve feature 30 UPF to shield you from the sun’s harmful UV rays and moisture wicking polyester microfibers to keep you cool and dry against fishing’s harshest heat.

Worn as a breathable face mask, neck gaiter, head band and much more, the MHX UV Sleeve’s seamless design and quick-drying microfibers minimize irritation for long-term comfort that outlasts your day on the water.

Choose Your Favorite MHX UV Sleeve!

As always we have an extensive library of videos that include build tips, tricks and even custom rod recipes on our Mud Hole Custom Tackle Youtube Channel. Check it out and subscribe today!  

From all of us here at Mud Hole we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 

Happy Building. 


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