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Top Rodbuilding Gifts for 2022

Top Rodbuilding Gifts for 2022

Since the holidays are in full swing there has never been a better time to share the gift of custom rod building. Put these gifts under the tree for that special rod builder in your life.

Beginner and experienced builders alike would love to unwrap useful tools, components or supplies this holiday season. From rod repair kits to rod building components, tools, and supplies, we've got something to put under the tree for everyone on your list!

Each year the designers come out with new and improved products that are a must have for any rod builder. These items make great gifts because you can be assured your favorite rod builder do not have one. 

CRB PRO Hand & Tool Rest

The CRB Pro Hand and Tool Rest has been meticulously designed and tested to provide rod builders a secure rest throughout the rod building process. This provides a safe rest while turning custom handles and aids to steady your hand when applying finish to give you those beautiful sharp line.

This hand and tool rest attaches securely along your RBS Track System to use from butt to tip throughout the entire build. The ability to not only change the height of the rest but also to move it in and out or even pivot along the track makes it a true gamechanger for the dedicated builder.

Is there someone special in your life who wants to get into rod building but doesn’t know how? Maybe you have a son or daughter, niece or nephew that loves the outdoors and wants to learn a new skill or craft, we have the perfect way to get them into rod building.

Complete Rod Building Start-Up Supply Kit

This kit has every tool, supply, and instructional material they will need to get started in DIY custom fishing rod building and rod repairing. Give the gift of rod building this season and see why everyone from hobbyist builders to top pro anglers are raving about custom rod building!

Once an angler has the FSB-2, their rod building bench is ready to create a one of a kind fishing rod.

Rod Kits

The never fail gift no matter the time of year is a rod kit from Mud Hole Custom Tackle.

When shopping for a loved one, the days of scrambling to get your orders together are long gone. Enter rod building kits. With fewer part numbers and long lists to keep track of, you can get all your rod building essentials without forgetting your fighting butt or that one winding check. Buying a kit is shopping made easy. Plus, when you buy a rod building kit from Mud Hole you save money; it is a win – win.

Mud Hole has a wide variety of rod building kits from MHX and CRB, for all types of fishing applications including freshwater, saltwater, fly, and even ice. We are certain to have a rod building kit that is perfect for any fishing style!

Starter Marbling Kit

Besides providing the optimal performance, custom fishing rods are also championed for their aesthetic appeal and marbling is one of the most popular enhancements on the market. When it comes to aesthetic excellence and originality, marbling is the easiest way to take your rod from average to extraordinary.


Learning where to get started in marbling seems intimidating, but with CRB’s Starter Marbling Kit, you get everything you need to begin marbling in one bundle.

Marbling is a fun and easy way to produce a one-of-a-kind rod build. In addition to a cool look, it is a great way to bring the kids into rod building. Let them choose fun colors and add in a design that will be unique and fun for everyone involved.

Now for a product that makes a great gift or stocking stuffer not only for rod builders but all angler alike. We know things can happen on the water that might damage your favorite fishing rod. Well, with our repair kits you can fix the problem and get back on the water in no time.

Tip Top Repair Kit

One of the most common issues anglers have with their fishing rods is how to find and replace a broken tip top guide. Well, things just got easier with our Tip Top Repair category.


Browse the largest selection of tip top repair kits for all guide types, for all rod types, and available at all price points. This is the largest selection you will find and if you need help choosing the right kit, our customer service representatives are standing by! 

If you are stumped in choosing the right rod building gift, you just might have to get a little sneaky. Have a look around their workshop or rod building bench and check on the supply of thread. Every rod builder could use more thread and more thread color options.

40-Spool ProWrap Thread Assortment Kit

A great place to start is our prowrap thread kits. We have an 18 spool kit, a 40 spool kit, and kits that include specialty metallic and braid options.

Whether you are buying for a new rod builder or helping an experienced builder grow their workshop, the spool thread kits are a great gift. We are all rod builders here and we love getting thread. It means new designs, more chances for learning threadwork and the chance to have a color in stock if a client comes calling for a custom build!

CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool Set

Have custom rod, will travel. Do you or your favorite rod builder enjoy adventure and never allows grass to grow under their feet? Well CRB has the perfect tool for building multi-piece or travel rods. The CRB PRO-EXT helps builders make quick work of multi-piece rod builds.


First off, ferrule wraps are now a breeze with the CRB PRO Blank Extension Tool. All you need to do is insert the tool into the rod segment you are working on, set it in your CRB stand, and use it as a sturdy wrapping aid for perfect ferrule wraps every time.

Also, for those with smaller workshops, it is a great space saver for those long fly or surf rod builds. Whether wrapping or applying finish the Pro Extension tool is an invaluable part of any rod builders work bench.

Variable Speed Rod Dryer

Speaking of important workshop tools, a rod dryer is one of the most important tools on a rod builders’ workbench. Most of us remember our first dryer, many still have it in use, but rod dryers have come a long way since the CRB original rod drying system.


There are triple and even quad drying systems, ones with a slip clutch and even interchangeable chucks. In our opinion, one of the most versatile rod dryers on the market is the CRB DCRDS-G2 variable speed rod dryer. This unit allows rod builders to apply finish at one speed and then dial the rpm down to a slower speed to allow the finish to dry.

So far, we have discussed unique and helpful tools that cover every step in rod building. From wrapping, to drying and even repairing your favorite fishing rod but this next tool is not to be overlooked.

Extreme Reamer - Set of 4

In almost every rod build there is some sort of reaming. Whether it is for rear grips, fore grips, butt caps or even an arbor, you typically will be reaming something during your build. There are a number of different options out in the market place but none combine the strength, durability and cost effectiveness of the CRB EXR-SET.

These versatile solid glass reamers are designed to work as a hand reamer for the delicate work or to be chucked up in your drill for jobs requiring a more heavy-duty approach. They make quick work of all grip materials like cork, eva, and foam core. Best of all, these are considered lifetime reamers as the abrasive tape is replaceable! 

Wait! You did not think we were just only going to have gifts for rod builders, did you? Well, it was in the title but here is something all anglers can use. 

MHX HD Rod Rack

The MHX HD Rock Rack. We all spend our hard earned money on quality gear so why not protect it with a rod rack worthy of the MHX brand. 

Constructed from Marine Grade HDPE Material, it will never rot, warp or damage your tackle. With storage for up to 20 rods, including 4 bent butt offshore rods and assembled with stainless steel hardware, no environment is off limits. Whether used on the dock for a post-trip wash down or just to help organize your garage and tackle room, this rod rack is a solid piece of equipment designed for serious anglers.

There you have it, our Mud Hole 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. Great products to help rod builders and angler alike get more out of their time on the water. 

When you give the gift of rod building you are helping someone learn a new hobby, have more fun on the water, spend quality time with a loved one or even help them grow their business. 

Don't forget, we have an incredible library of videos that include tips, tricks and even rod recipes on our Mud Hole Custom Tackle Youtube Channel. Check it out and subscribe today!  

From all of us here at Mud Hole we hope you have a wonderful holiday season! 

Happy Building. 

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