RBS PRO G2 Power Wrapper

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Voltage: 110v (North America)
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5 Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
C.N. (Fresno, CA, US)
Follow up to my first review.

This is a follow up review after receiving the new foot pedal and longer cord. Mudhole sure hit the nail on the head correcting their shortcomings by providing a new and improved foot pedal that operates exceptionally. The new foot pedal is metal and feels very sturdy/heavy duty. It controls the speed that the chuck spins nicely and feels smooth when wrapping. There's been no more random jumping of the chuck while pressing the foot pedal. The new cord is 12ft and plenty long enough to work on 9ft jigsticks, etc. They really dialed it in perfectly and I am more than satisfied with this power wrapper. The foot pedal they replaced the black plastic one with is white. It doesn't quite match the black anodized aluminum of my base station, but I'll take functionality over aesthetics any day. thanks for standing behind your products and listening to your customers feedback. 5/5 stars.

richard Tuite (Kingston, NH, US)
pro wrapper G2

set up was easy and it makes short work on wrapping boat rods now working a medium spinning rod for bass

Brian Papiez (Seattle, WA, US)
Awesome wrapper, cheap foot pedal

This is my first rod wrapper and I absolutely love it!! However, I do agree with the other two reviews about the foot pedal. When opening up the box I was super impressed and then saw the cheap plastic foot pedal, my concern is the longevity or life of the pedal before I start having trouble. For the price and compared to the actual wrapper, I really expected a better quality pedal and may look at upgrading it with a sewing machine pedal once out of warranty. I have not had the problem the others have had it’s regarding the foot pedal being variable speed. It took me some time to get used to the variable speed but it works and is very sensitive. I barely put my foot on it and I can hear the power going to the motor, then a little bit more and it starts turning slowly. My speed dial is also set to just about 9:00 position or a little past but definitely before the 10:00 position. I would give this a 5/5 if the pedal was better quality. That said, would I recommend this, ABSOLUTELY!!

BC (Wasilla, AK, US)
G2 foot pedal

I completely agree with the first review. The wrapping motor is fine however the foot pedal needs to be improved. I don’t even mind the cheap plastic. It’s the on or off function that makes it pretty much useless. No way to start slowly and vary the speed with your foot. I’m hoping I can wire one of my old pedals into this “PRO” wrapper to make it usable.

Thank you for the review, we are in the process of sending out new replacement foot pedals with a extended cord and a better design free of charge to everyone that has ordered one of these wrappers. All of the wrappers from now moving forward will include this new pedal and extended cord. - Mud Hole

C.N. (Fresno, CA, US)
Almost There, Foot pedal needs work

This power wrapper itself is a very stout unit and has no problem turning blanks. The drying motor works as expected. the chuck holds blanks and rods with finished handles well. You are able to do fine threadwork with the rod in the chuck and back it up as needed. What I am not impressed with is the foot pedal to operate the power wrapper. It is made of plastic and feels very flimsy and cheap. it is pretty much all or nothing when it comes to the speed the power wrapper turns the blank there is not much ability to feather the pedal to control speed. most speed control is done with the voltage adjustment. sometimes lightly pressing the foot pedal causes the machine to violently jump 1/2 an inch when pressed down, this does not happen every time but happens periodically. Ideally pressing the pedal down half way would operate the power wrapper at half speed but this is not the case. the cord that it comes with is too short to work on 6ft+ rods, but mudhole said they would be correcting this shortcoming by sending out an extension cord to everyone who purchased this product. Overall I give the product a 4/5 stars. If they were able to dial in the foot pedal to be more responsive with the wrapper, then I would give this product a 5/5.

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