Fuji HN Heavy Casting & Boat Guides


Color: CC Gunmetal
Ring Type: Silicon Nitride II (SiN)
Size: 8
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HN frames are the perfect choice for heavy duty layouts that still adhere to the New Guide Concept. HN is the guide of choice for many surf rod builders, jetty plug fishermen and offshore anglers who can achieve all the weight and performance advantages of an NGC rod with this guide frame, yet still have a finished rod that's tough as nails and fully capable of handling big surf, jetty rocks or commercial boat gunwales. Available with Fuji's unique Silicone Nitride (SiN) rings for ultimate durability.

Non-Concept Guides. A Long History of Performance.

Not every situation is best served by deep-pressed, light-framed "Concept" guides, and for those times, Fuji has long been the leader in guides with superior performance, excellent craftsmanship and proven durability for all sorts of fishing challenges. For excellent economy and top-shelf results, try any of these guides on your next "specialty" build.

Guide Specifications

8 13.3
10 16.1
12 19.2
16 24.2
20 32.4
Color Gunmetal
Material Stainless Steel
Ring Material Silicon Nitride II (SiN)

Fuji Corrosion Control®

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