Live #095: Taming Tiger Wraps

Learn the tools, supplies, and steps to tame one of the most beautiful decorative wraps in rod building: The Tiger Wrap.

Watch for Live Q & A, new product announcements, and a chance to win one of (3) FREE giveaway prizes!

Featured Topics:
  • Prepping your workbench
  • Choosing the right thread combination
  • Step-by-step tutorial


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#color_101 yellowfin#color_110 banana split
Thread Tool Combo Package
#Option_Colorfast & Metallic#Option_Colorfast & Metallic
Tension Rod Attachment for RBS-TC4 Thread CarriageTension Rod Attachment for RBS-TC4 Thread Carriage
RBS Rolling Thread RunnerRBS Rolling Thread Runner
4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage for RBS4-Spool Rolling Thread Carriage for RBS
Sold out
4-Spool Thread Carriage Upgrade for HWS-14-Spool Thread Carriage Upgrade for HWS-1