12 Options for Custom Text Rod Decals

12 Options for Custom Text Rod Decals

Now you can add the perfect final touch to your custom rod with a text decal and choose from 12 different options.

Decals to Promote Your Rod Building Business

There’s no better way to promote your rod building skills than custom decals that reflect the hard work you put into every rod build.

Choose the Font for Your Rod Decals

Given the 12 options, you can easily upgrade each custom rod with the professional look and lasting pride that customers want from a rod building brand.

Check out all the fonts offered in custom rod decals and we are sure you will find one that best fits the theme of your next rod.

1. Brush—Designer Rod Decals

This brush font uses the artful strokes of a paintbrush to create stunning text decals on your custom rods.

2. Letterpress—Designer Rod Decals

For bold, custom lettering on your text decals, look to this letterpress font for your rod building brand.

3. Old School—Designer Rod Decals

Love the classic lettering from the old days on varsity?

Now you can get this same old school font on your custom fishing rods!

4. Old West—Designer Rod Decals

This old west font brings the bold lettering of old saloons to cool custom text decals for your fishing rod.

5. Comic—Designer Rod Decals

The comic font breaks the mold of boring text with an exciting lettering style that really stands out!

6. Samurai—Designer Rod Decals

Strong lettering with a sleek modern twist, the samurai font uses thick letters with thin line slashes that create an awesome appearance for these custom text decals.

7. Futuristic—Designer Rod Decals

Take your customers to the future of rod building with this futuristic font that is truly out of this world.

8. Sharp—Designer Rod Decals

Blending a cutting-edge flare with the classic look of block letters, the sharp font brings a unique new text style to your custom fishing rod.

9. Dirty—Designer Rod Decals

If staying in the lines was never for you, check out this dirty font to give your rod a little extra attitude with text decals that look darn good.

10. Vintage—Designer Rod Decals

For clean, rounded lettering that looks like the classic welcome sign from your childhood summer cabin, choose this awesome vintage font!

11. Customizable Text Rod Decals

From text color and size to the font style and number of text lines, these customizable text decals give you more options to suit your rod building brand.

12. Custom Graphic Rod Decals

If you have a custom graphic or logo for your rod building, you can upload it for rod decals that truly embody your brand.

How to Order: Custom Graphics Decals

  • Once you have successfully placed your order, email your artwork to
  • The subject line of your message should include the Sales Order number (listed on your order confirmation email)
  • Please indicate the exact size at which the final print is to be output
  • We will contact you shortly with a proof of your design for your approval

TIP: No templates are provided, you must supply your own original artwork.

Looking for a Decal Application Guide?

Sometimes all it takes is a well-placed decal to transform the look of a standard finished rod into a true custom rod built just right. Adding a designer decal of your choice onto the rod blank is a great way to truly customize a fishing rod to make it unique to you or special for a customer.

Not to mention with these tips, it’s just so EASY!

Click the link below to read our Guide to Applying Rod Decals…

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