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Made In The USA - Cashion Rod Blanks

Made In The USA - Cashion Rod Blanks

As a rod builder, if you have not heard of Cashion, you are missing out.

Founded in 2010 by Dr. Matthew Cashion and headquartered in Sanford, NC, Cashion Fishing Rods develops and builds all of their blanks and finished rods right in North Carolina.

Cashion embodies a commitment to American craftsmanship, cutting-edge material science technology, and the precision of skilled artisans in the creation of carbon fiber fishing rod blanks.

“Our dedication to perfection goes beyond the surface and delves into the molecular realm”, explains Dr. Cashion.

What happens when fishing and science collide? Dr. Cashion’s Ph.D. in chemistry with concentration in polymer science from Virginia Tech brings a unique vision to their product development . Leading the way, Dr. Cashion drives his team to concentrate on the intricate molecular design of their carbon blanks, harnessing the power of specialized epoxies that excel in both encapsulating and forming strong physical bonds with high-performance carbon fiber.

The Devil is in the Details.

“The composite interface is the most important juncture of a fishing rod blank.  Fiber encapsulation with the epoxy matrix influence the flexural and compression strength of composite blanks.” says Dr. Cashion.  What does this mean? The details matter. A fishing rod’s strength and performance depends on how well the fibers bond with the epoxy surrounding them.

Ever since 2010 the team at Cashion puts anglers first. All design work that goes into blanks and finished rods follow strict guidelines to check the following boxes. Sensitivity, Weight, Durability and Price.

At Cashion, they believe a great product comes from great people. Cashion Rods are built by the best rod and blank builders on the planet. Every Cashion blank and finished rod passes through a 33-point quality control inspection before it leaves the factory.

Cashion Rod Blanks

Cashion Carbon Fiber fishing rod blanks originate in the heart of Sanford, North Carolina. The Cashion brand embodies a commitment to American craftsmanship, material science innovation, and the skilled artisans who craft meticulously detailed carbon fiber fishing rod blanks.

The Cashion carbon blank design is meticulously focused on a molecular scale, employing specialized epoxies renowned for their exceptional capability to encapsulate and forge physical bonds with high-performance carbon fiber.

What is CR6?

CR6r fishing rod blanks proudly bear the "Made in the USA" mark, a testament to their exceptional quality and craftsmanship. These blanks are constructed using high-performance carbon fiber pre-preg materials sourced right here in the United States.

What sets CR6r apart is its raw finish, which not only adds a touch of elegance but also serves a crucial protective function by encapsulating the fishing rod blank with epoxy, safeguarding the integrity of the carbon fibers.

Additionally, CR6r incorporates innovative Proprietary Weight Reduction (PWR) Engineering, which introduces a novel reinforcing strategy to boost hoop strength while reducing overall weight.

This engineering marvel is achieved through a unique epoxy matrix designed with Advanced Interface Bonding (AIB), a combination of mechanical and additive technologies that deliver ultra-high bond strength at the interface of carbon fiber and epoxy matrix. The high Tg Epoxy (HTE) formulation, coupled with AIB, results in an epoxy matrix with impressive mechanical properties and a high modulus, ultimately enhancing blank sensitivity and performance.

All this technology is also supported by one of the best blank warranties in the industry. Read more about their blank warranty.

Cashion Rod Blanks - Sold Exclusively at Mud Hole Custom Tackle. 

Here at Mud Hole we carry over 30 models of Cashion rods blanks. From a 6’6” medium all the way to a 7’10” heavy and everything in between.

The Cashion model numbers are similar to other blank manufactures so lets break it down to make shopping easier.

Here is the CR6r-iMB843. The CR6r is the unique Cashion Technology. The MB stands for Mag-Bass which give the anglers a fast action while providing incredible sensitivity and power in the mid and butt section to pull fish from heavy cover. The 84 represents the length in inches and the 3 stands for the power, which translates to a medium heavy.

With incredible attention to detail, top craftsmanship and Made in USA, it is easy to see why so many builders and top anglers are choosing Cashion Rod Blanks.

Shop the entire collection!

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