8 Lifesaving Tools for Every Rod Builder

8 Lifesaving Tools for Every Rod Builder

Whether you build custom fishing rods for business, or for pleasure, every rod builders’ workshop can benefit from this list of helpful tools, equipment, and upgrades!

1. Epoxy Mixing System 

Having trouble with the proper epoxy mixing technique? Find it too time-consuming?

Consider adding the Epoxy Mixer to mix your epoxy hands-free and increase its working time.

This is the ultimate tool for perfectly blending epoxy and conserving its usable life as it continuously churns and folds the epoxy into itself.

2. Extreme Reamers

The Extreme Reamers are the greatest commercial reamer available because of its design, durability, and functionality.

These versatile solid glass reamers are made to work as hand reamers for delicate jobs, and then easily chuck it up to a drill for more heavy-duty work.

hand wrapper

Pick up the set of 4 and you’re ready for any new rod build!

Product Showcase: CRB Extreme Reamers

3. Butt Wrap Alignment Tool

The Butt Wrap Alignment Tool streamlines the process of laying out and aligning even the most complex decorative wraps. The V-notch base cradles and centers the blank perfectly, while the attached aluminum straight edge helps line up the crosses of a butt-wraps on any axis.

For expert level intricate wraps, or novice builders trying their first diamond wrap, this tool will quickly help take your decorative work to the next level.

4. Wire Chuck Upgrade for RDS & DCRDS

The RDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck works to easily grasp any size fishing rod butt.

It fits an incredible range of butt diameters to finish anything from ice rods, fly rods, and individual sections of multi-piece rods, to surf rods and larger diameter offshore rods.

Product Showcase: RDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck

Product Showcase: DCRDS Rod Dryer with Wire Chuck

5. Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser

Make speedy tape arbors, secure guides, and more with the Rolling Triple Tape Dispenser.

Keep this dispenser nearby for quick work with up to three rolls of tape and 3 different widths of tape to work with at one time!

6. Advanced Hand Wrapper

Using the Advanced Hand Wrapping System, you will produce tight, smooth wraps with every rod turn.

Keep it simple and get the job done with Two Spool options, or upgrade to Four Spools to let your imagination run wild with fast access to all four different spools at once!

7. Rod Dryer Clutch Upgrade 

Upgrade your Rod Dryer or Variable Speed Dryer with the Clutch to quickly grab the rod and halt the rod’s rotation, allowing for epoxy application with the ultimate precision.

For touch-ups and pinpoint accuracy with epoxy finish, this RDS Rod Dryer with Clutch makes for the perfect upgrade to your rod building system.

8. Rolling Tool Tray & Finish Tray

Organization is crucial in rod building and these trays roll with you to keep track of your tools and supplies while you work.


Keep your most important tools and supplies handy by using the added rolling features to slide your Tool Tray and Finish Tray along your rod build on the RBS Aluminum Base Station.

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