3 Benefits of the Rod Deflection Tool & Chart

3 Benefits of the Rod Deflection Tool & Chart

Learn 3 basic benefits of rod building with the CRB Deflection Tool and the CRB Deflection Chart that bring incredible results to the performance of your custom rods.

Mud Hole Teaches Fishing Rod Deflection

Whether dialing in your fishing rod by pinpointing the action and power, identifying the guide placement through static deflection, or even matching the rod specs of an old favorite, rod builders can easily learn how to use a deflection tool and chart to accomplish all of the above!

Rod Deflection Action vs. Power

Deflection is a term that is tossed around a lot in rod building and rightfully so! But for new rod builders, it can be hard to interpret what deflection truly means because most sources point straight to the benefits without first explaining how those benefits are derived as a result of proper rod deflection.

Deflection refers to the path of departure from a static plane. In other words, the deflection of a rod blank means using fishing weights to bend the rod blank over a chart that precisely identifies action and power, and even determines guide spacing and more.

Learning how to properly perform rod deflection is a priceless lesson for rod builders and besides that, the benefits of the deflection tool and chart are worth far more than its listed price.

Why Deflection Brings Results to Performance

Sturdy in design and construction, yet simple to install and operate, the CRB Deflection Tool and the CRB Deflection Chart pair to make one of the best rod building resources around. Not only is the deflection tool incredibly user-friendly, it also brings serious benefits to the performance of your custom fishing rod.  Plus, you save 5% when you bundle them together!

1. Identify the Power and Action of Rod Blanks

Since the “power” of a rod refers to how much pressure it takes to flex the rod and the “action” of a rod is determined by where a rod flexes along the blank, the deflection tool and chart help you find both with expert accuracy.

Simply follow the installation instructions to mount the deflection tool and chart on a wall that is large enough to test rod blanks.

Keep in mind, we have both an 8 foot and a 10 foot chart depending on your style of rod builds.

Then, place your rod blank or blanks into the cam levers and adjust each lever to hold the tapered blank. Next use fishing weights in gradual increments to load and flex the rod blank along the chart.

Note: Make sure the weights you use are practical to the desired fishing application in order to appropriately test the rod blank.

With various weights applying pressure on the rod blank, you can use the Deflection Chart and its dry-erase, alpha-numeric grid system to locate reference points that measure the power and action of the blank.

Along with the grid, there are also pre-printed action overlays that provide functional examples of different blank action styles for visual reference.

The CRB Deflection Tool and the CRB Deflection Chart give you the ability to easily find the exact power and action of your rod blanks to ultimately build qualified rods for your fishing application.

2. Easily Determine Guide Spacing

Besides giving power and action the ultimate test, the Deflection Tool also provides an excellent resource for static deflections to customize guide layouts.

Regardless of the application, custom guide spacing is simple and efficient when you use the deflection tool. Just use some Guide Tubing or Guide Bands to secure your guides onto the rod blank and then mount your reel with line running through each guide.

Using micro guides? Check out CRB Micro Guide Bands...

Next, tie a weight onto the end of the fishing line and use this weight to load the rod. With the rod under pressure, you can assess the guide layout and shift guides as needed to create the most efficient setup for your rod blank.

Creating a custom guide layout is not only easy with the deflection tool, it also reduces the amount of friction as line travels through each guide.

This reduction in friction makes for a more efficient rod because it increases casting distance, distributes stress more equally along the blank, and reduces rod failure tremendously.

3. Compare Rod Blanks With Expert Precision

One of the greatest benefits of the CRB Deflection Tool and CRB Deflection Chart is the opportunity for builders to conduct expert "side by side" comparison of rod blanks to locate even the most subtle differences in power or action.

Whether you are trying to match a new build to your favorite old rod or trying to fine tune the perfect rod for your next build, the deflection tool and chart offers what builders need to compare multiple blanks for even the most acute differences.

For example, if you have an old favorite that simply can’t make it anymore but haven’t been able to find a blank qualified to replace it, this deflection tool allows you to match blank specifications with exact precision.

Replicating the performance of your retired rod, you can bring back those old memories on the water while you’re creating new ones!

There is also no better way to confirm rod blank specifications than the deflection tool and chart. Let’s say you buy an ultra-light rod with a fast or extra fast action and you want to trust in the performance that you paid for, the deflection tool and chart is the best way to insure your purchase.

The CRB Deflection Tool and Chart is the ultimate lie detector tool when it comes to determining a blank’s true specifications. Getting beyond the wording and testing out a blank’s real potential, you will be surprised how many factory built rods aren’t built to the specs you desired in the first place.

Product Showcase: Deflection Tool & Chart

CRB Deflection Tool & Chart Combo Kit from Mud Hole Custom Tackle™ on Vimeo.

Use these Benefits to Build Better Fishing Rods

Between confirming powers and actions, customizing guide spacing, and matching blank specifications, the Deflection Tool and Chart is an unbeatable asset to anyone serious about rod building and dialing in their fishing performance.

Fine tune your custom rod’s performance with the CRB Deflection Tool and the CRB Deflection Chart, and catch the professional results all rod builders are after. 

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