Rod Building and Angling Tips with Jim Crowley

Rod Building and Angling Tips with Jim Crowley

Entering into his 32nd year in the outdoor industry, Jim Crowley continues to educate and entertain. Driven by his faith, family and love of fishing, it is easy to see why he is one of the most revered sportsmen in the outdoor industry.

Fishing began for him as a family activity, and he recalls fishing for the first time at the age of three with his father. Jim’s passion grew quickly but it was not until a colleague introduced him to the local bass club that his passion narrowed in focus to make fishing a career.

From Tournament Angler to TV Host

He initially gained recognition in the early 90s as a successful local and regional tournament angler. Each year his schedule grew. From 10 events to 35 events per year at its peak, Jim was hitting his stride. His expertise led him to frequent appearances on various local television shows and speaking engagements. In 1998 Jim was named as one of the hosts for Midwest Outdoors TV show.

In addition to his on-screen roles, he was writing for Midwest Outdoors as well. Recognized for his contributions, he received two readers' choice awards for his monthly column in MWO and garnered interviews in national and regional publications such as the Chicago Sun Times, The Chicago Tribune, Fishing Facts, and In-Fisherman magazine.

Subsequently, Jim launched his own internet show, Hook & Hunt TV, which enjoyed an 11-year run. In addition, he served as co-host of Hook & Hunt radio in the Burlington Iowa area, contributing to the show's success over a period of 9 years.

Mud Hole Ambassador Team Member 

I came to meet Jim when he was named to the Mud Hole Ambassador team and the news of Jim Crowley Outdoors TV Show & Slickfish Radio Podcast to support rod building instruction. It really is a perfect fit. Anglers and rod builders of every skill level appreciate his practical style of instruction and fishing expertise.

Jim's shows exclusively feature fishing content, covering everything from lure and rod building to valuable fishing tips and techniques. His overarching goal is to assist viewers in enhancing their angling skills. Through insightful fishing experiences and engaging conversations with leading personalities and experts in the fishing industry, Jim's content provides a wealth of knowledge and inspiration.

Learn with Jim Crowley

Jim's dedication to teaching others is really what sets him apart in the industry. As you find your way through his social media, website and youtube, you will find incredible insight and tips to help you become a better angler.  

From customizing a bladed jig to improving your favorite spinnerbait, Jim's youtube channel is a wealth of knowledge. In the last few years he has made his way into rod building and truly understands the benefits of customizing a fishing rod to meet your exacting specifications.

Jim's recently published 2-part rod building series will walk you through the basics of rod building. He covers how to get started, the parts and supplies you need and even shows you how to build a fishing rod!

Watch the 2-part Rod Building Series. 

Jim the Entertainer 

For all of his knowledge, Jim can still entertain. I say that because we have all encountered someone with an incredible wealth of knowledge and either they have a hard time teaching or they are just flat out boring. Jim isn't boring. His youtube episodes range from ice fishing in Wisconsin to tarpon fishing in Florida. You can always expect to enjoy the show and learn something in meantime. Whether it is learning how to fish a wingdamn, the proper retrieve of a wachy rig or how to build a fishing rod, his mix of entertainment and education is unmatched.  Jim's great on screen presence is coupled incredibly well with his command behind the mic on his Slickfish Podcast. You can just tell he loves what he does. 

Jim's Slickfish Podcast

Nothing helps us pass the time on the highway like a great podcast. Long trips to boat ramp or just tuning out the kids on a long family trip, Jim's podcast has helped us relax and enjoy the road. His Slickfish podcast has over 60 episodes and constantly growing. You will get to listen to great guests from the fishing industry, tournament legends, inspirational people and just a wonderful mix that will keep you entertained.  You can find his podcast on any of the major channels like Apple Podcasts, Roku, Spotify...etc. Have a listen, you will enjoy it and knowing Jim, you will probably learn something along the way. 

So in closing, we want to welcome Jim Crowley as Mud Hole's Ambassador and give everyone a preview of what to expect from Jim. It is impossible to jam over 30 years of his impact on the fishing industry into one article but we know he is going to be a great asset to us and an even better resource to our community. Do not hesitate to reach out to him for questions or walk up to him at a trade show. He gladly sets aside time for everyone. 

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