A Look Inside the 2024 Mud Hole Catalog

It's that time of year again, the 2024 Mud Hole Catalog is arriving in your mailboxes! If you are not on our mailing list or misplaced yours, it is easy to get signed up. Just head over to the catalog request form and we will send you out the latest catalog or be sure to add one to your cart on your next order for free.

The 2024 Mud Hole catalog is over 160-pages of the latest and greatest rod building tools, equipment, supplies, components, and rod blanks in the industry. The best products from the best brands in an easy-to-ready and well designed catalog. 

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Lets see what's inside. 

New Products 

We always open the new catalog with the newest products. Here, you will find out what is brand new and even gain insight on upcoming products that will be in stock during 2024. Detailed, high resolution glamor shots of the products along with an informative description of its design notes, uses, and where to find more info in the catalog. Keep an eye out for the RBS Compatible icon which accompanies products made to fit the RBS Base Station

All-In-One Kits

No catalog would be complete without showcasing Mud Hole exclusive kits. We pride ourselves on servicing all levels of rod builders but no one has introduced more people into the rod building craft than Mud Hole. One of the reasons has been our comprehensive kits. We work hard to provide the best products with the most concise instruction so that anyone can be a successful rod builder. 

These All-In-One Kits have everything you need to get started in rod building. Featuring the CRB Core Hand Wrapper along with a CRB Rod Dryer, ProPaste epoxy, ProKote rod finish and all the tools and supplies to build your first rod. In addition to all of the supplies and equipment, you get to choose from a spinning rod, casting rod, fly rod and even an ice rod build to complete your All-In-One Kit. 

Rod Blanks

Moving through the catalog, you will find an incredible collection of rod blanks from MHX, CRB, American Tackle, and Cashion. Hundreds of rod blanks representing applications and techniques like fly, ice, bass, inshore, slow pitch jigging, big game trolling and more! Each blank list features specifications that provide length, butt diameter, weight, power, action, and tip size so all builders can be sure they are buying the right blank and proper components to match. 


Rod Grips, Handles, and Seats

Speaking of components, the 2024 catalog helps rod builders make sense of what could possibly be a confusing part of rod building. We get questions all the time about what rod do I build and what components do I need. Well, we take our time when laying out the catalog to help builders of all levels stay organized when choosing parts. So far we have chosen our blanks in the previous section and then we move to grips. Options include cork, EVA foam, carbon fiber and even Winn polymer grips. Along with material, the builder can choose from full length or split grip options. 

From grips, we move to reels seats. We have everything from carbon seats, to nylon and even aluminum for the saltwater anglers. Major manufactures like CRB, American Tackle, Fuji, Winthrop and AFTCO are represented, making this the most complete product catalog in the rod building industry. 

Don't forget to look out for the new, award winning Tsuka 2 Complete Carbon handle from American Tackle. This brings you rear grip, fighting butt and reel seat all into a one-piece, carbon fiber handle. Not only is it light as a feather but since it is blow-molded carbon fiber, the strength and durability are off the charts. 

Guides and Guide Kits

With over 30 pages of the 2024 Mud Hole Catalog dedicated to guides, you might think it could be intimidating, but with guides organized by manufacturer as well as guide kits and repair kits, it is quite intuitive. 

We all know making the right choice in guides is important. It can affect casting distance and accuracy as well as the overall durability of your fishing rod. Guides from all techniques are represented, including spinning, casting, fly and ice. In addition, you will find specialized guides like American Tackle's Microwave, Fuji's KL-H High Frames, CRB's SSR, REC Recoil and the legendary AFTCO Roller Guides

Thread and Decorative 

Mud Hole proudly carries ProWrap thread, which is the largest and most complete collection of rod building thread in the industry. ProWrap's Colorfast and Nylon threads have superior tensile strength, smooth spooling and a full library of colors.


In addition to the traditional wrapping thread, ProWrap also produces beautiful metallic and multipurpose rod building thread. What is multipurpose thread? I am referring to products like Electra Metallic, Fusion Variegated, Tiger Thread, Metallic Twist and Glo-Wrap. These are all wrapping threads in the ProWrap brand that can be used as decorative but also have the integrity to be used for guide wraps. When you want to wrap with the best, wrap with ProWrap.  


Rod building epoxy and thread finish are an incredibly important part of the rod building process. Could you use just any epoxy to glue you rod? Maybe, but we wouldn't recommend it. Imagine building your dream fishing rod, investing time and money just to see it fall apart on your first fishing trip. ProProducts produces top tier rod building epoxies with ProPaste and ProGlu leading the industry. 

As for thread finish, it is a unique two-part epoxy specifically formulated for rod building. It features a specific viscosity so it properly penetrates thread wraps which will protect your work from harmful UV rays, scratches, abrasions, and the elements. The 2024 Mud Hole Catalog features brands we trust like ProKote, ThreadMaster, and Generation 4. These have proven to be top performers with beginners and advanced builders alike.  


This is always a section to keep an eye on. In recent years no other company or brand is credited with more innovative tools or equipment that CRB.  An acronym standing for Custom Rod Builder, this brand has developed countless tools used by professionals and rod building enthusiasts the world over. 


From the Advanced Hand Wrapper to the new Core Hand Wrapper and even the RBS Pro G2 Power Wrapper, more rods builders have learned how to build rods and progressed to business owners by using CRB products than any other. CRB continues to develop products that make rod builders' lives easier and this section of the catalog highlights their best products. 


Remember, not all of the products in the 2024 Mud Hole Catalog are for rod building. There are a number of items that are for anglers and business owners. 

The MHX Push Pole is the lightest and most advanced multi-piece push pole in the world. Dedicated anglers pushing their boats rave about the performance and appreciate the three length options. From Texas, to Florida and even Mexico, Puerto Rico and Australia, the MHX Push Pole is the preferred pole by professional and recreational anglers alike. 

Also from MHX, protect your investments by using the HD Rod Rack. Built from marine tough HDPE material and stainless steel hardware, this rod rack can be used in any environment. From a washdown station out on the dock to an organizational tool in your workshop, you can count on the MHX HD Rod Rack. 

Since Mud Hole works with rod builders at all levels, we know business owners need a hand with marketing materials. So, why not use a company that understands rod building and knows what rod builders need. We can produce promotional items like custom t-shirts, koozies, and hoodies, and also can print custom rod decals with you business name or a special message for a customer. 

2024 Shipping Policies

Mud Hole is dedicated to providing the best shipping policy in the industry and is continuing to put customers and their orders first. 

All orders of $99* or more are shipped FREE* to the contiguous United States by the most economical shipping means available, at Mud Hole's discretion. Shipping fees for orders below $99 are automatically calculated at the time of checkout based on the carrier & services selected by the customer. Expedited shipping service options are available for the U.S. and Canada only, and include Express, 2-Day, and Overnight. 

Rod blanks measuring 60 inches or longer are shipped via Blank Armor Rod Blank Protection (or equivalent packaging) at a fee of $14.99. Rod blanks over 8 feet will be shipped at rated cost provided at checkout plus a handling fee. All oversize and expedited shipping fees are determined and displayed at checkout prior to placing your order.

Remember, Mud Hole ships worldwide. Shipping fees for international orders are determined at checkout, based on destination and delivery service chosen, prior to the customer completing the order. 

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