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Building your own fishing rod is much easier, and more affordable, than many fisherman think. Plus, when you are done building your fishing rod, it will be one that is better quality than many ‘off the rack’ fishing rods, and will be crafted to your specifications, colors, highlights, and preferences. There are many reasons to build and fish with a custom rod, here are just a few:

Performance. When you build a rod, the first thing you do is find the spine of the rod, which ensures your guides will be aligned correctly. This gives your rod the absolute maximum power and performance, and is a clear advantage over factory made rods.

Weight. Since you get to decide the components and accessories that do (or do not) get on your rod, you can really keep the weight down. This may not matter if you are going fishing for an hour with a bobber and worm, but if you sling spinner baits all day, this will definitely add up to more enjoyable fishing conditions.

Enjoyment. There is NOTHING like catching fish on fishing rods that you built with your own two hands!

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