6 Ways to Add Amazing Metallic Threadwork

6 Ways to Add Amazing Metallic Threadwork

Learn how to add metallic threadwork for amazing decorations on your custom fishing rods.

Custom Decorations that Enhance Rod Building

Although these threads aren’t strong enough to wrap a guide alone, metallic can be incorporated to any rod for custom decorations that range from subtle accents to truly incredible designs.

Whether it’s in your spare time or to earn your customer’s dime, custom metallic threadwork is an easy way to drastically improve the appearance of your fishing rods.

Pick out your Metallic Thread and let's get started!

1. Metallic Trim Bands

Trim bands are a creative way to add a little flash or a custom look to any rod build.

Your trim bands typically consist of a few wraps of either a contrasting nylon thread or a metallic thread.

These decorative bands can be placed at the ends of the main guide wraps, create measurement marks on a blank, or even take the place of a winding check at the end of your grips.

Follow the link to Create Your Own Trim Bands!

2. Guide Wraps with Metallic In-Lays

If you want to go a step further than trim bands, thread in-lays are a fast and simple way to dress up your guide wraps. Metallic thread works perfectly for in-lays because it stands out on virtually any color wrap and once it’s epoxied, the metallic thread has a spectacular glimmer in the sunlight.

Despite the popularity of gold and silver, metallic threads come in many colors so you can get the perfect accent for your custom rod.

Click here to learn more about Wrapping Thread In-Lays

3. Accents with Metallic Thread

Many rod builders and customers alike enjoy building themed fishing rods that use rod skinz, decals, or even butt wraps to get their desired design across. Whether paying homage to a military branch, their home state, or even an alma mater and favorite sports team, these custom rods are sight to see and even more fun to fish.

Even though these decorations like Rod Decals improve it's appearance, adding metallic thread alongside will give the final rod the sleek, professional finish that all anglers want.

Metallic accents work to frame and emphasize your decorations, while also maintaining a color theme that ties together your entire fishing rod.

4. Color Coding Custom Rods

Avid anglers have different rods for different applications. Separated by freshwater and saltwater, or more specific fishing applications like crankbait, flipping, jigging, etc., the best way to quickly tell rods apart is to label them.

Despite most of these thread ideas being solely for aesthetic improvement, color coding with metallic thread is a flashy yet functional way to quickly identify your custom rods. Just choose a unique metallic color to represent each different application and soon, you’ll have an arsenal of rods ready to catch anything.

5. Nylon Over Metallic Underwrap

One of the most overlooked ways to use metallic thread is an underwrap. Underwraps add that extra pop of color to a guide wrap, but when wrapped over with nylon, you can make an incredible custom thread wrap.

Since nylon becomes translucent without a color preserver, you can use metallic thread as an underwrap and then wrap nylon over it. This creates a shimmering effect that looks incredible in the sunlight!

6. Decorative Metallic Butt Wraps

Adding a butt wrap immediately upgrades a custom fishing rod into a stunning masterpiece, especially with metallic thread.

Whether it’s a primary thread or accent within the butt wrap, metallic thread’s luminous finish really shines on any handle assembly.

Butt wraps range from basic patterns to imaginative designs and even movie characters.

But like custom rod building, you decide what looks best on your fishing rod!

Many rod builders, who want to tackle their own butt wraps, are intimidated by the set up. CRB developed and manufactured the Butt Wrap Alignment Tool to help make even the most extravagant butt wraps more attainable and user-friendly.

Catch the Butt Wrap Alignment Tool and get to wrapping professional grade decorations on your fishing rods!

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