4 Great Ways to Add Color to Fishing Rods

4 Great Ways to Add Color to Fishing Rods

See all the cool colors available in custom rod building components and catch our key tips for adding the perfect pop of color to your next build!

The Guide to Custom Rod Building with COLOR

There is no better way to attract more customers and attention to your rod building skills than a fishing rod that truly stands out in the crowd. When it comes to custom rod building, the ultimate goal is often the best blend of performance and appearance.

Whether it’s a custom build for your best customer, your dear friend, or even your favorite child, try adding the perfect touch of color to build a rod that impresses on and off the water.

1. Build on the Color Series Rod Blanks

There’s a reason that avid anglers become excellent customers and even rod builders themselves, it’s because you simply can’t get the same selection or quality from the shelf.

For instance, these CRB Color Series rod blanks bring 16 completely redesigned models and each model is offered in 12 incredibly vivid colors.

From updating the actions and powers, to including 12 awesome new colors, you simply can’t beat the value or look of these new rod blanks.

Love these colors? Check out CRB Color Series Fly Rod Blanks!

The CRB Color Series launches an all-new line of rod blanks engineered with an enhanced variety of actions, powers, and amazing new colors. Between performance and appearance, these high-strength yet lightweight blanks are truly the best bang for your buck!

Vivid Gloss Finish in 12 Colors

Choose your favorite color and build your new favorite fishing rod!

Shop CRB Color Series Rod Blanks

Follow the link below to bring these eye catching colors to your front door! Shop CRB Color Series Rod Blanks!

2. Choose Your Favorite Color Reel Seat

Like the Color Series rod blanks, these vivid gloss seats offer premium Color Casting Reel Seats and Color Spinning Reel Seats in the same cool matching colors, or mix it up for a fun new build.

CRB Color Series Reel Seat Hood Finish

Don’t stop at custom colors, these CRB Color Series reel seats also feature your choice of shiny silver or sharp black hoods.

Each Color Reel Seat comes in your choice of the most common rod building sizes, size 16 and size 17. Mix and match the Color Series Rod Blanks and Reel Seats to create an awesome custom combo!

Releasing the Color Series Rod Kits!

If you want the sleek look of a matching reel seat and rod blank combo, the Color Series Rod Building Kits feature your choice of either the matching color reel seat or the standard black graphite seat.

Choose your desired rod specifications and build your new favorite Color fishing rod below:

Color Series Rod Kits with matching color reel seats.

3. Customize Your Own Color Fishing Grips

Shaping EVA grips in custom colors is another excellent way to tailor your next build to the interests and tastes of your clients.

For example, our Grip Making Page offers everything you need to turn custom grips. From the RBS-PRO-G2 to mandrel sets as well as cork, carbon fiber and EVA material.

EVA Grip Colors:

These colors help create awesome custom fishing grips!

The Mandrel kit included (MANDKIT-1) comes with four 18″ Oil hardened steel mandrels with 60° taper in each end for live center. These mandrels have been designed for use in turning custom EVA handles. These mandrels also come with a pair of adjustable, removable collars to secure your handle in place while you shape it.

The four mandrel outside diameters included are: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, and 7/16″.

 4. Add Awesome Color Winding Checks

Another day, another awesome set of rod building components from CRB!

Let’s start with the Silicone Snap-in Winding Checks because they certainly up the ante for the creative custom rod builders.

From its sleek construction and cool color options, to its compatibility with skeleton reel seats and simple installation method, these winding checks are definitely a component to add to your cart.

Since winding checks are an easy way to upgrade any rod build with a smooth, sleek finished appearance, CRB also designed these Colored Silicone Winding Check.

Adding these winding checks is not only easy, it also produces the professional look that custom rod building is all about!

CRB Colored Silicone Winding Check Colors:

 And there you have it, adding color to your next custom rod build. When you end up with an awesome build, be sure to post it on the Mud Hole Live's Rod Builders' Workshop page on Facebook. With over 34,300 members and growing, it is a great place to get and give tips, tricks and show off your work. 


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