The Best All-Around Bass Fishing Rod Recipe

The Best All-Around Bass Fishing Rod Recipe

Check out the leading All-Around Bass Rod… in Red!

This metallic 7'0" MB843-MHX Rod Recipe offers the best versatility in the game of bass fishing, so we're sharing it with YOU!

Build this Mag Taper MB843-MHX Baitcaster

Follow these ingredients for a beast of a bass fishing rod:

hand wrapper
hand wrapper

Meet the Mag Taper MB843-MHX Rod Blank

7’0″ | 10-17 lb. | 1/4 – 3/4 oz. | Fast Action | Medium-Heavy Power | 1 Piece | 14 Color Options

The MB843 is probably the most versatile rod blank you could build on for bass fishing.

It will serve as a great rod for worming, spinnerbaits & buzzbaits, jigging, and even makes a great shiner rod!

You can also catch this infamous MHX Bass Rod in action... on Mud Hole TV!

Watch Mud Hole TV: Catching Clowns on Lake Ida

Peacock Bass, Clown Knifefish, Mayan Cichlids… Oh my! Watch another awesome episode of Mud Hole TV featuring some of the most exotic species of fish in South Florida.

On this episode, the Mud Hole Crew hits Lake Ida, an urban fishing paradise in South Florida’s Delray Beach. With a combination of custom built rods from MHX Rods and CRB, the boys chase the elusive new “Lake Ida Slam!”

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